01 April 2016 – Dog World

Exhibitors who attended certain days of Crufts are being warned to take their dogs to the vet if they show symptoms of a rare bacterial infection.
 A dog who competed at the show has started precautionary treatment for streptococcus zooeepidemicus because it came into contact with affected dogs a week or so before the event.

Crufts chief vet Dr Andreas Schemel said: “The infection has a one to three-day incubation period so there is a strong likelihood that the dog in question was not affected, but the owner responsibly contacted the KC to make other owners aware.

“It appears that only a small percentage of dogs with the infection develop serious symptoms, but as a precaution any dogs showing mild symptoms of sneezing or coughing should be seen by a vet if they competed at Crufts in Hall 5 on the Saturday or Sunday. 
More information on streptococcus zooepidemicus can be found at www.rvc.ac.uk/News/PressReleases/pr1405-streptococcus-zooepidemicus.cfm.

I know our day was on the Thursday but there were a few Paps around on the said days involved so thought it was best to be cautionary and make everyone aware.

A couple of Open show results have come in. Karen and Steve Maskell have had a great weekend. The North East of England Toy Dog Society was the first of the shows, which was held at Birtley Leisure Centre. On this occasion Breed Specialist Melanie Mann (Melangel) was judging the breed. Maxine Wallers youngster Kazkell Theme for a Dream for Lilnrose handled by her breeder Karen took a fabulous RBPIS. The BIS judge was another breed specialist Kirsty Miller (Feorlig). The next day at Retford CS K Theme for a Dream for Lilnrose went on to take TPGP4 . The judges were Clark Fahey and Peter Moorby. I would call that a pretty good weekend, well done to both breeders and owner.

South Western Toy Dog saw another good result for Sue Stanbury with her youngster Inixia The Bee’s Knees who took a TPGP4. The breed judge was Ms Raewyn Dowsett and BIS judge Mr D Milton.

Alan Bartram has sent in news of the AGM for The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club regarding the Club Treasurer. 
 As you will all be aware at our recent AGM Jill Terry has stepped down from her position as Treasurer of the Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club to retire with her husband Ian to sunny climes in Spain. At the AGM Jill Terry was commended on the excellent way she had maintained the club finances and their certification as being a true record of our monitory activities since she took over. Because there were no nominations for Treasurer, at the AGM Brian Lees, the Club Secretary, agreed to take on the role of Acting Treasurer as an interim measure. However, this needs to be looked upon only as a short term, temporary solution. The secretary has a full workload as it is and it is too much to take on both roles in the long term. It is imperative that we ask again if there is anyone who is willing to take on the role of Treasurer of the Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club. It is a role vital to the proper running of the Club and if anyone is willing to come on board you will be made very welcome and be part of the exciting plans we have for the future for the members.

During the AGM Chris Slater was welcomed on to the committee and will act as show manager at the forthcoming shows.

Jill thank you so much for your total commitment not only as treasurer of the club but also for the Papillon Net Archives online, on both scores you have been amazing. I will you health and happiness in your new venture.

Have a good week everyone and enjoy your butterflies and moths.