01 December 2017

Let’s backtrack a little for the Championship Shows for breed notes this week. For those readers that perhaps have missed a few of the results along the way, we can get you back up to speed and firing on all cylinders for the run up to the end of 2017. Goodness, where has this year gone. LKA to me is screaming from the NEC chimney pot, Christmas time is almost here. There we have Santapap sporting his running shoes and polishing his SP buttons whilst marking off the name list with a big tick or X. Any ideas what side of list you are going to be, now that is the question? Of course you’ll be on the tick list, we are all good…… of course we are!

So, we will start with Richmond where the judge was well respected Toy Specialist Liz Stannard (Shiarita) as usual looking very smart. One of those unfamiliar sunny days, remember those? DCC / BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s CH Gleniren Shottin Starmaker Sunshoo who went on to take a TGP2 under Toy Specialist Rob Sansom (Byemoor). BCC Roger & Jean Banfield and Caroline Lee-Slater’s Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell For Kingshaven. RDCC a very delighted Katherine Bull with Altaya Star Attraction, RBCC Kirsty Miller & Evan Ryan’s Feorlig Wake Up Maggie. Finishing with Sue Stanbury, who had a lovely day taking BP with Inixia Potty Dotty and also BV with Inixia Delightful Dan JW Sh.CM.

Next show on the calendar is Darlington. Well, here it had chucked it down for days before, some of the rings resembling duck ponds. On reaching the Pap ring which was at the far end of the tent, the rain had gathered in pits and troughs and looked fit to be an equestrian adventure. You could attempt jumping the puddles but without landing in the mud might have been more difficult. Ted Whitehill and I took a little jaunt to the secretary’s office and pleaded our case and the committee could not have been more helpful. Pickfords at the ready, tables and chairs all removed from the ring to a large grassed area that was designated as a grooming area, which at that time was only accommodated by Glenn and myself. So we were all happy bunnies.

For this show Toy Specialist Ian Sidgewick was taking on the task of judging our lovely breed. After the judging I casually reminded him that last time he judged was at Blackpool when torrential rain enforced the show to be cancelled. I suppose with Mr Sidgewick being in toys he went over the dogs calmly and gently but not in a fussy way, but to the point. The dogs always prefer this as the four paws that are trained on the table know they have a job of work to do and know what to expect. Super day for the Gleniren Sunshoo Showteam with Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo taking his 50th cc with BOB, So a very special moment indeed. Travis then went on to take TGP3 under Martin Freeman. A double celebration also as our import, bred by Jan Roosens of the De Costalina Kennel, BCC Robb & Roosen’s Miss Martini Royal De Costalina Suniren (Imp Fra) took her third BCC at the tender age of 12 months from JB class. For those of you that may be scratching their heads thinking Suniren, this is a collaboration of our two kennels names for imports that we show. A word of thanks to the many folk that sent cards and messages for Travis 50th, that was really so kind. For the RCC’s the RDCC went to a thrilled Estelle Kirk with Kirkchase Danger Mouse and the RBCC Jean & Roger Banfield and Caroline Lee- Slater’s Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell For Kingshaven, BP was Ramsey & Mowatt’s Iotastar’s Foreverautumn and BV Connie Letch’s Conysluck Master Pip.

So next is Driffield, does it ever stop raining at this point, we all really did wonder. When entering the showground the ground looked like a ploughed up field, even wellies struggled as the water lapped up over your wellies when standing, sinking gradually. Attempting to get over to the BIS marquee for Glenn to show his little Pom in the puppy stakes was a mission and then when leaving the BIS marquee after the Puppy Stakes final, boy was I pleased to have some muscle power behind the trolley. Don’t be daft it wasn’t me, I would have been flat on the floor in the mud, that’s what son’s are for, aren’t they?

For Tom Isherwood it was a first time Papillon judging cc’s experience and I am sure it was something he had been looking forward to immensely. BCCC/BOB was an extremely pleased Kay Stewart and Kirsten Stewart-Knight’s Ch & Ir Ch Tussalud Story Tales, DCC Liz Anderson’s Ch Frasermar Storm In The Snow, RDCC Kirsty Miller’s Feorlig Smarty Pants JW, A good day for Sophie Langdon winning the RBCC/ BP with Shadowknight Ebony Rose Of Skyvana. South Wales Kennel next and hallelujah it was inside. For this we where situated in the area where South Wales Pap usually held their Champ Show. A good sized area however the ground is on a rake that is a theatrical term for slope. So you had to be careful where you stood otherwise the top lines looked very odd. Mrs Margaret Bunce was at the helm for this show and she conducted the day with calmness and efficiency. She found her DCC/BOB to be Kirsty Miller’s Feorlig Smarty Pants JW, Kirsty also took the RBCC with Feorlig Viva La Vida, BCC Irene & Glenn Robb and Jan Roosen’s Miss Martini Royal De Costalina Suniren (imp Fra), RDCC Susie Orchard’s Ger Ch Alex’Eye Of The Tiger At Panspayon (imp) Susie also took BP with Panspayon Eye Of The Storm.

The very next day the South Wales Papillon Club held their Champ Show at Builth. This year it was located in the Goat Shed. Yes, you did read right. Good parking and good size ring once Paul has taken broom to hand brushing the leaves and debris from the floor. Weather wise it was a decent day but if it had been windy we would have been frozen as it was an open slated barn with two wide doors open at either end. The club tries so hard to make it a special day for everyone. Paul and Amy were on the club stand with lots of enticing goodies and the raffle table was full to the brim. Sue and Len Stanbury are keeping the day on an even keel, with Sue totally officiated as official photographer. Very well respected breed specialist Pat Munn (Ringlands) was our judge and the day went along smoothly as you would only expect with someone of this calibre at the helm. How nice it was for Mrs Munn to give beautiful awards gifts for the principal winners, what a kind thought.

The principal winners were as follows: DCC and BIS Irene & Glenn Robb’s Gleniren Stardustmaker Sunshoo, A Travis son just back in the ring after a long break. A thrilled Lynn George-Evans took the BCC/BOS with Jorgealin Moon Magic, RDCC and also BVIS Sue Stanbury’s Inixia Delightful Dan JW shCM, RBCC and BPIS Sophie Langdon’s Shadowknight Ebony Rose Of Skyvana. Congratulations to both Sue and Sophie on taking double awards. BPHIS Pinkmead Twistin Time. Caroline Lee- Slater judged the junior’s and found her Best Junior Handler to be Cerys Osborne who is aged ten years.

Now, next on the agenda was Midland Counties at Stafford. This was a new hall for us as we were in Sandylands. Liked it in here, it was warm and probably less noisy than the other locations. Roger Chaston was the judge and he arrived looking smart and ready for the day ahead. His principal winners for the day were; BCC / BOB Jean & Roger Banfield and Caroline Lee-Slater’s Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell For Kinghaven, DCC Jo Davidson-Poston and Ivan’s Slo Ch Whip Honey Double Smash (J Ch), RDCC Sheila Wilkinson’s Lafford Inspector Morse In Poppywood., RBCC Irene & Glenn Robb & Jan Roosen’s Miss Martini Royal De Costalina Suniren, BP Mary Whitehill & Pat Urwin’s Paparottsie Talk The Talk

Sue Stanbury for the South Wales Papillon Club wants to give you the heads up that the clubs Christmas meal will be on Thursday, 21st Dec, there is a £5 deposit. Interested in going? Then message Sue on FB for further details. She also needs to know numbers for Buffet City, which is on Sun, 10th Dec.

It was sad to hear news from Sue Morrell (Temelora) that her lovely moth Ch. Serenglade Satanya for Temelora had passed away peacefully in her sleep, aged 15yrs. Tanya gave Sue so much over the years, she found her a joy to live with and several of her progeny became champions. Tanya won her last BCC and RBIS at the Papillon Club breed show under Roger Banfield. (Kingshaven). I know you will miss her greatly Sue but you have so many beautiful memories that will live with you.

This may be of interest for some exhibitors for next year, it sounds like fun…


£100 prize money on offer for each group.

Further to the Kennel Club’s recent announcement on reforms to open shows, it has now announced its sponsorship of a Special Beginners Competition at general and group championship shows, from 2018, to enable more exhibitors to experience a group competition.

Each general and group championship show society will be encouraged to schedule a Special Beginner class for dogs and bitches in each breed which can be a single mixed sex class or a separate dog and bitch class, plus Any Variety Not Separately Classified and Imported Breed Register classes, for a two year trial period. The Best Special Beginner to be declared for each breed to go forward to the group competition.

The class definition will be stated in the schedule as “For owner, handler or exhibit not having won a Challenge Certificate or Reserve Challenge Certificate, or for those breeds not allocated Championship Status, Best of Sex or Reserve Best of Sex at a Championship Show.”

It is hoped that the competition will receive maximum visibility at each show. It is preferable for all judging to take place in the main ring, although it is accepted that this may not always be possible. If time does not allow for all judging to take place in the main ring, pre judging can take place, but the final decision and presentation of awards must be made in the main ring. It is at each society’s discretion as to the time the group is to be judged.

The Kennel Club’s sponsorship of the new competition is part of ongoing improvements to dog shows, being led by the Dog Show Promotion Working Party. Mark Cocozza, Chairman of the working party, said: “We’ve introduced the Special Beginners Competition to encourage novice exhibitors and incentivise more of them to experience a group competition.

“All of the changes to dog shows we have announced are intended to increase participation in our sport and make things less complicated and more enjoyable for exhibitors, and are all based on extensive consultation with exhibitors and show societies.

“We are excited to see the impact the Special Beginners Competition will have over the two year trial period and hope that it will be well received by both exhibitors and the shows themselves.”

The Kennel Club will provide sponsorship in the form of prize money and rosettes for first to fourth place in each group. Prize money of £100 for each group is to be awarded as follows – first prize of £40, second prize of £30, third prize of £20 and fourth prize of £10.

Further information can be found at https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/activities/dog-showing/already-involved-in-dog-showing/special-beginners-competition/

So that is it for this week as you must be finished your cuppa by now. Next week I will be covering the Open Shows that I have managed to catch up on and the Papillon Breed Shows that have been in November.

Please message me with your results as everyone wants to know of your successes. I can pick up on some but would hate to miss out on your special day that needs celebrating.

The Pap entry for LKA is 113/117 and Pauline Sidgwick (Paulian) is our judge. Judging is 9am and we are in Ring 10. The Toy entrance is VE door 17.3. The car park is at a special rate of £6, thank you LKA.

Just one last thought for LKA, it is the last doggie show day for shopping before Christmas, I am sure Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club will have folk selling their Calendar at this show. Don’t miss out buying one, they are a great gift for that Papillon loving person.

It is of course time also to pick up your OUR DOGS annual, great Christmas reading when you can find a quiet space for a moment to chill. There are lots of interesting items and features to read, with fabulous pictures of the canine world.

Remember also to pick up your OUR DOGS 2018 diary. This is a must buy to get all the important info down against the dates, just so you don’t have to tie a knot in the hankie.

Great to catch up with you this week and let’s make it a date for next week, sorry you’ll have to supply the coffee. Travelling to the shows make sure you are careful on the roads.