01 January 2016 – Dog World

Happy New Year to everyone involved in the canine world. Whatever your individual involvement has been during 2015, showing, obedience, agility, HWTM, breed clubs, rescue, dog charity work, all those involved in the dog industry, or you have a beloved companions on your knee each night. Each and every one of us has played a part in creating a canine society that is striving to make things better.

My wish for you all for 2016 is that it brings continued health, happiness and fulfilment. For those that have been suffering illness during 2015 may a new light shine for each and every one of you for the coming New Year.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the breed notes and at some points, I have managed to make you smile. To those of you that have shared your amazing results a personal thank you. It has been a stupendous year for Papillons and there have been some fantastic results up and down the country. There have been so many good wins, either at Open Shows or Champ Shows. So give yourselves a pat on the back, the breed has done us proud.

Thank you to my boss man in DW Tom Burrington who has kept me on the yellow brick road for the breed notes, working along side you has been a pleasure.

Well another New Year dawns and we start on the show scene for another exciting year. Good luck to everyone in our breed and the Toy Group, also to friends in other groups and areas of the industry. We feel very humbled and grateful that the Gleniren Sunshoo show team have been able to build on so many diverse friendships this year. Something we treasure and value.

Enjoy the celebrations and look forward to meeting up with you all very soon. Happy New Year to you all.