02 December 2022 Breed Notes

Next on the agenda was a journey to Stafford for the Midland Counties Championship Show with a good entry of Paps which was pleasing to see. Stafford is I suppose the centre point of the country hence making travelling times a little easy for most. The Stafford Showground has always been a popular venue and I think with the situation for today’s climate it will become increasingly more so.

The Papillon ring was situated in the main hall and it was bustling with activity which was so lovely to see.
For this show the judge was to be a breed specialist from Scotland, Liz Anderson of the well known Northlyte affix. Proceeding kicked off on time and the day went smoothly along with lots of friendly chatter and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

What a lovely day for Chris and Bob Anderson who took the DCC/ BOB with their boy Pappretty Grt Expectations. This was a first for Chris and Bob and they were so excited and everyone else was just thrilled for them. The BCC was another exciting win for Estelle Kirk with Lynflyer Rainbow Dancer at Kirkchase JW. Lovely to see Lynda Woodrow at the show who is the breeder of the BCC. Huge congratulations to Chris, Bob and Estelle, what a very special show for you all. BP was Kirsty and Evan Ryan and Jen Geossens’s Uppercut Daydream Believers with Feorlig (Imp Bel), BV Miss J R Goude with Manawyddan Inca Tinka and Best Special Beginners Ann Meacham’s Jayberry Cheekie Chappie in Khanor.
For the RCC’s it was RDCC for Mary Whitehill with Amicae Mr Chips and the RBCC Sue Morrell’s Phalene Aurora vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (Imp Deu).

Please give your thought to Alan Bartram who is still quite poorly in hospital. We are thinking of you Alan and Liz and sending lots of positive get well soon wishes.

Next week we will take a look around the open show scene and see what is going on for the Papillons and Phalenes.
Until then take care.