02 September 2016 – Dog World

Bucket and spades at the ready as everyone ascends to Bournemouth, near Poole. For most exhibitors it is a mission of a journey and the venue is not the easiest to find. It would help exhibitors considerably if signage for the show were strategically placed as you near the venue and car park signs were apparent. The weather was bright, warm and sunny. Luckily there was a gusty wind which cooled the temperature and was beneficial for the dogs, making it pleasant to show the four paws. Many exhibitors had taken their caravans/motor homes to Paignton, Bournemouth and then travelling on to WKC. Certainly for the first two shows when speaking to everyone, they had enjoyed sunbathing weather. So a good holiday by the sound of things was had by one and all.

The rings were spacious and grooming was of a plenty, so the scene was set for a pleasant day ahead. Toy specialist Dr Geoffrey Curr (Natimuk) was judging the breed and arrived looking smart and ready for his day ahead with the help of his two able stewards. Dr Curr went over the dogs in a sympathetic manner and gave all exhibitors a chance to ensure their charges put their best paws forward.

The principal winners for the day were as follows; DCC/BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo who was shortlisted in the TGP under Martin Freeman. BCC Alexandra Forth’s Ch Omegaville Make Me A Petitchien. RDCC went to Christine & Aiden Foynes with Lafay Petite Etoile who were over the moon, as we all were and RBCC to an equally delighted Karen Diprose with Powdermill Look Here At Lilacrose. For BP it was to be Jenny Wiggins with Rozamie Monsieur Arthur For Scapafield and BV Mary Melvin & Pat Cox’s Tricianbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar Sh.CM.

The journey home was a motorway car park on all motorways, it was one of those when the services becomes a haven of tranquillity. After seven and half hours we arrived back home, goodness knows what the length of journey up to Scotland would have been. But we arrived tired, but safe, so all was good.

WKC at Builth was next on the calendar agenda. Should I surmise about the weather? Go on then take a guess, it is Wales after all and you are correct all accounts it bucketed down all day. It is such a shame as the scenery for the venue is so good, maybe the perfume aroma could do with some adjustment, but this we have become accustomed too. The highlight for when at Builth are always the toasties. Always a well run show and runs like clockwork, or else the committee are paddling like crazy underneath the water looking calm and serene on top. The judge was breed specialist Miss Kirsty Miller (Feorlig). The principal winners for the day were; DCC/BOB/TGP2 Joe Magri & Kevin Arrowsmith’s Ch Rozamie Dream Lover. The TGP judge was Dr Goran Bodegard, BCC Alexandra Forth’s Ch Omegaville Make Me A Petitchien, RDCC Sue Stanbury Inixia Saucy Sam, RBCC Pat Beadle’s Bedellus Jazz Time, BP Pat Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss and BV Jane Thompson and Sandra Austin’s Jhanakia Highland Destiny.

At Mid-Somerset Agricultural Show Toy Specialist Vanessa Cox (Essvana) judged the breed and TGP awarding Sue Stanbury’s Inixia Devonshire Maid BOB/BPIB/TGP1 and another little one of Sue’s who was entered in AV Toy Angullyon Trading Secrets with Inixia took TPGP3. Sue says the show was an absolutely delightful little show with loads of individual stalls and the most amazing food tent. Congratulations to everyone at the shows, enjoy the sun when it is with us and drive safely on the roads.