03 January 2020 Breed Notes

Happy New Year to everyone and may your dreams, health and happiness be everything you are wishing for.
The New Year is always exciting looking at what might be ahead in the months to come. 2019 seemed to have been here and gone in a flash, where on earth did that year disappear to? For those that excelled their four paw dreams in 2019 in whatever breed you are in, many congratulations, I hope you enjoyed the magical ride of a lifetime. For those that excelled their wildest dreams or their expectations then congratulations also, it is a huge achievement climbing that ladder and each step should deservedly be embraced with pride.

I thought you would like to fill your Dorwest Diaries with the judges I have for 2020, so here goes. 12/1/20. Boston – Karen Farrell, 18/1/20. Manchester – Jill Peak, For February two club Open Shows 01/02/20 The Papillon Club Open Show Rosemarie Hobson and 15/02/20 South Of England Papillon Club Open Show – Jan Roosens. 5/3/20. Crufts – Amanda Bruce-Bostock, 28/3/20 U K Toydog – Ann Richardson (subject to KC approval) April brings on the 18/4/20. The Papillon (Butterfly) Dog Club – (bitches) – Pat Cox, (dogs) – Caroline Lee Slater and (referee) – Norma Inglis, 23/4/20. WELKS – Mrs Liz Cartledge, Next on to May for the 9/5/20. Birmingham – Kevin Arrowsmith, 15/5/20. SKC – Marian Sloan, 16/5/20. The Papillon Dog Club Of Scotland (bitches) – Steve Maskell, (dogs) – James Newman and (referee) – Hilary Joyce. 24/5/20 Bath – Jane Lilley, and the 29/5/20 Southern Counties – Jane Paradise, Sunshine ordered and on to June with 5/6/20. Three Counties – Estelle Kirk, 20/6/20. Border Union – Jerry Munroe then buckets and spades at the ready fo 26/6/20. Blackpool – Brian Rix. A royal appointment for July as on the 5/7/20 it is Windsor – Pat Munn, 11/7/20. East Of England – Tim Ball and 26/7/20. Leeds – John Purnell. A trip down south for the sunny south on the 04/8/20. Paignton – Dr Geoffrey Curr, 8/8/20. Bournemouth – Tony Allcock, 21/8/20. Welsh Kennel Club – Leila Tarabad and finally Bonnie Scotland on the 30/8/20. SKC – Sue Morrell, 18/9/20. Darlington – Tom Mather. It’s October already 4/10/20. Driffield – Margaret Boulcott, 9/10/20. South Wales – Mervyn Evans, 17/10/20. The Joint Papillon Club Show – (bitches) – Phil Shirley, (dogs) – Mark Whitehill and (referee) – Jerry Munroe, 23/10/20 Midland Counties – Liz Anderson and finally we are putting up the decorations again with LKA on the 12/12/20 Carolyn Roe.

My wish is there will be peace, fulfilment and happiness in the global world. Please be kind to each other during 2020 and let us all make a New Year resolution to look for the positive and good in people and drum out the head chat of the negativity.

Happy New Year, it’s going to be exciting.