03 June 2016 – Dog World

A full weekend was on task, especially for the Scottish exhibitors. There was not only SKC All Breeds Championship show but The Butterfly Dog Club of Scotland had their championship which was held at the Lanark Auction Market. 

We participated at SKC and as I tried to ignore the 1.30am get up and go, morning alarm call (can you really call that morning) we were on the road by 3am. I have said it before but the Scottish exhibitors need a special KC merit award as they have to do this all year round. One thing I will say is that the journey up to Bonnie Scotland is good as the roads at silly o’clock are empty and fairly straight forward, However there was one roundabout where they were completing road works, signposted Edinburgh approaching but on the roundabout nothing. After going around three times I woke Glenn to say for heavens sake get me off this. After desperation we took a random turn and it turned out okay, how were we to know it was the Glasgow sign we needed. Has to be Scottish logic! 

SKC is always run like clockwork and this year was no exception. Everything tootles along calmly and collectively and there is always a committee member on hand if the need should arise. All exhibitors are showing in the Main Hall and on our day there were three groups scheduled. But all is planned out by the committee, the rings are of a good size and benching/ grooming areas are a plenty. The BIS ring was beautifully presented and set the scene for the day. Trade stands were in the adjoining hall in a little complex all of their own.

For Papillons we had breed specialist Mr Ken Fulton (Kenf) judging our breed. The judging started promptly on time and the day went smoothly along. Mr Fulton gave each exhibitor the chance to present their four paws at their best and use the ring to their full advantage.

The principal winners for the breed were as follows. DCC / BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, RDCC Jackie and Peter’s Hills youngster Caraideas Orpheus, BCC / BP another youngster Kevin Sharp-Dixon & Jhud Reyes’s Zoloto Princess Queenslake and RBCC Lesley Morton’s  Ablazzor Tyme To Be Wild. 
 Little did we know the journey our Travis was about to take as he had a magical day winning TGP1 under Mr Robert Dunlop (Habiba) followed by BIS under Mr Tom Mather (Barkalots). To win under such respected and eminent judges is an honour indeed, we are so grateful. This was Mr Dunlop’s first TGP, not that you would have known as he conducted himself with a calming, dignified manner, reassuring each dog on the table as he went over them. Mr Tom Mather as we all know is considered as one of the top draw judges of the canine world and once again conducted himself impeccably for the task in hand. 
 Needless to say we were thrilled to bits and we are so proud of our breed the Papillon. This was Travis’s second 2016 BIS All Breed award and third BIS overall with last year at East of England. He has also received this year BIS at UKTD and BIS at The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club. Our thanks to the SKC committee for the beautiful rosette that was bigger than Travis and also the huge bottle of bubbly. It was one magical day for the breed.

The day previous was The Butterfly Dog Club of Scotland championship show. Unfortunately haven’t had any news from the club but have managed to pick up a few snippets here and there. Mrs Caroline Lee-Slater (Graycaz) was judging. This venue at Lanark is a lovely smart hall and the club shares the venue with the Pom Club. Lots of gifts were on offer for the winners. These were donated by the judge, Colria Designs, the club itself and Valerie Lockhart. Royal Canin also sponsored the show. I believe there was a puppy walk and junior handling, I hope to get details of these at a later date.

The winners for the show were as follows; BCC / BIS Alexandra Forth’s Ch Omegaville Make Me A Petitchien, DCC/ RBIS Lesley Morton & Lynda Woodrow’s Ablazzor Harleys Wild Echo At Lynflyer, RDCC Joe Magri & Kevin Arrowsmith’s Petitcheins Truth Or Dare Rozamie, RBCC Sue Deamer’s Grinsdales Sweet Caroline At Bankshill, BP Mary Whitehill’s Rozamie Madam Marcelle, BV Pat Urwin’s Begaville Geordie Girl At Paparottsie and BPH Joan Savage’s Abbeyton Jester.
 Well done to all the class and principal winners at both shows.

At Devon County Agricultural Show Sue Stanbury had a brilliant day under Mrs J. B Shipley (Kettlemere) who judged the breed and TGP. Sue’s youngster Inixia Hot Stuff went TPGP1 and TGP3. What a thrilling day, well done.

Sad news came through that sadly Mrs Debbie Gornall (Tinklebury) has passed away. The funeral was held in Ingle-White, Lancaster on June 1st. Her husband Colin asked that dogs may be allowed at the graveside as they were so much of Debbie’s life. Flowers were from the immediate family but donations could be made to the hospital involved and a local dog charity that Debbie had worked closely with over the years. Very sad news indeed as Debbie had a big involvement over the years within Papillons for both showing and rescue. I am sure like myself we send condolences to her immediate family and close friends.

Well, as I write exhibitors will be getting ready for Bath. This is one of my favourite shows; it has to be the best rings of the year. Where else do you get freshly mowed grass rings, with stripes?

Safe travelling and lets hope Mr Sunshine has his bags packed for the Bath area.