03 October 2014 – Dog World

Driffield Championship Show held at Wetherby Racecourse was the next port of call. My embedded memory of this venue is the year it rained constantly with a river by midday surrounding the marquees or tents as they were then. In those days the entrance and exit were of a sand based steep incline. At the close of day we had watched the streams of cars, motor homes leaving and struggling to get up the sand hill progressively getting worse by the minute. All seemed innocently entertaining until the realisation came home that at some point I also would be in that situation. 
 As I approached the sand hill with more butterflies than you can imagine the gentleman confidently said “first gear go for, I’ll push”. Womanly instinct is telling you to say, “know what I’ll get out you have a go” but I didn’t think that was quite appropriate. So took a deep breath and I am sure at some point eyes closed I weaved up the incline praying the engine didn’t conk out. There were a few wobbly moments where the male species I am sure uttered woman drivers but we reached the top in one piece with my pride not completely dented.

Another moment embedded is another rain filled day. Efico (CH Gleniren Tres Mannefico Sunshoo) our Phalene was a real sicky moth so she travelled in a sicky coat, bib and snood to protect the ear fringing. It was a real wet, damp day from the minute we left the house and arriving at the venue it was coming down in constant stair rods. Arrived at the soaked benching then when taking her off her apparel the ears were soaked completely. With the atmosphere being so damp it took us all day to dry the ears out and just managed to get them dry before she went into Open Bitch. By then water was streaming between the benches and the centre of the ring had a duck pond, the tent was dripping droplets and you had to manoeuvre to avoid a shower. Oh the joys of showing, it certainly isn’t all glam and glitz, but a lot of fun along the way.

The show now has hard standing put down for the entrance / exit so very much improved. On arrival it was very damp but the sun did come through early in the day but then disappeared off the horizon and we were left with a dull hazy day. A number of trade stands present although I only got to see the ones in closest proximity. 

A first time awarding Challenge Certificates today for our judge breed specialist Sophie Langdon (Skyvana). Sophie was dressed smartly for the outside occasion in black jeans, black boots and black and white jacket. So the scene was set for the day in hand. By the end of the day the principal winners were as follows; DCC / BOB Mandy and Dave Thornton’s with their son Callum handling Sharjoy In The Future. BCC Kirsten Stewart-Knight and Kay Stewart’s Ch Denemore Story’s Echo At Tussalud, RDCC Jane Allsop and Liz and Alan Bartram’s Conysluck The Red Baron JW TAF, RBCC Teresa and Peter Cullen’s Ch Ancojo Whisper To Me who also took BP with Petress Dark and Daring.
 Nadia Angharad Al-Bazi also had a successful day at Driffield winning the 17-24 yrs Junior Handling under Trudi Short thus qualifying for Crufts for the third time. Well done Nadia. Nadia has just gone to University so I am sure we all wish her the very best in the new exciting avenue of her life.

On the Open show front Pat and Brian Cox has a super day at Portsmouth and Southsea KA with Denemore Gabiscandyfloss at Tricianbri taking a TGP1 under Breed judge Mrs J Paradise and Group judge Mrs Jenny Miller. This gives her enough points to apply for her shCM. They also took TPGP4 with Denemore Ripples Son at Tricianbri. Lovely day well done.

Sue Stanbury had a good day also at Exeter & County CS held at the Matford Centre in Exeter, Inixia Saucy Sam went TGP2 and  Susie and Margaret Orchard with there new youngster Panspayon Artem who was just six months and his first show was awarded TPGP1. The breed and group was judged by Mr Stephen Young from Malta.

Judy Porter kept the Pap flag flying high at Beckenham Canine Association where Parvana Pretty Pumpkin owned by Judy took RBOB and TPGP2. The breed judge was Sharon Samson (Shasgav ) and group judge Mr Roger Chaston (Bricklands).

My apologies to Sue Victor and Emma when their minor puppy bitches name was inadvertently missed off my SKC critique. Thanks to you both and also Jean Banfield who handled the little girl for being so understanding. The critique should have read as follows. 
 MPB (7) (1a) 1.Victor & McLaughlin’s (handled by Jean Banfield) Farleysbane Damsel Fly R/S/W 7mths. Very much the baby with sweet head proportions. Symmetrical clear head markings, pert dark eye with rise and stop. Hare feet. Good body and overall structure on this youngster, just needs time to mature. Once settled she moved out well but apprehensive on stand. I am sure this will all be resolved as time progresses. 

Well as we head now for the inside shows with autumn and winter approaching fast you can all safely store away the sun brollies and cage fans for another year. So the load has lightened and can be replaced with the flasks of soup to warm the inner soul.

Take care of yourselves and have fun with you butterflies and moths. Next week the report will be from Belfast.