04 February 2022 Breed Notes

How nice it was that Manchester Championship show was once again on the show calendar after last year’s cancellation. I think all the exhibitors were excited to be back and it was evident the committee had worked immensely hard to have everything spick and span and raring to go. On arriving at Staffordshire County Showground (who will always be remembered fondly as Bingley Hall by many), the ground and all building were covered in a glistening white frost. Because we were one of the first there it looked magical with no imprint of vehicles or footfall just a clear unbroken vision if crisp white. Only when you stepped out of the car you realised it would be similar to an experience of ‘Dancing on Ice’. The Papillon ring was located in the annex so there is an incline to enter the building and you had to be very careful manoeuvring the trolley or else there would have been a few trolley crash incidents. The hall was buzzing with activity for so early and you could feel the eagerness of everyone.

The Papillon ring was of a spacious size and plenty of room for everyone at the benches. However it was chilly bon-bon morning and you certainly needed to have packed the thermals, wooly hats and anything else to keep the inner self warm. The heating did eventually come on but by then it was so cold in the annexe that it had to work overtime to get to any reasonable acceptable temperature. The main hall was acceptable but I think the adjacent halls either side where struggling for heat and I know my coat and scarf was never taken off. As always half way through the afternoon it seems the heating is turned off and if you are there for the duration of the show you are back to freezing point. But hey ho we all survived and the summer months will be here in no time.

The Papillon judge for the show was well respected Breed Specialist Sue Morrell of the Temelora affix who had a very good entry of 118 dogs. The show started half an hour late due to a traffic incident. As you would expect from a breed specialist Mrs Morrell took command of the ring ensuring the exhibitors had every opportunity to show off their four paws to their best advantage. On the table she went over the dogs in a professional manner with a calm and collected attitude. A dog, providing it has had good table training will always appreciate the judge who goes over them in a kind methodical way. They are aware they are in safe hands knowing the judge knows what he or she is doing. The judge who pitter patters around trying to be best friends can be nightmare to the well trained dog, you can see in their eyes “Oh for goodness sake just get on with it” and completely confuse the nervous dog making it worse. Mrs Morrell performed the procedure just right being calm, kind and collected.

The judging with the help of her stewards progressed along at an even steady pace and everyone enjoyed their day chatting with fellow exhibitors.

The top awards for the day were as follows:
DCC / BOB A very delighted Irene & Glenn Robb with Gleniren Who’s Your Daddy. This was Jenson’s 10th cc and a very special moment for the Gleniren Sunshoo Kennel as it was their 300th Challenge Certificate, so a moment to be treasured. Jenson continued his winning day taking Toy Group 2 under Stuart Payne (Habiba).
TGP1 went to the Italian Greyhound Mrs K & Mr R Wheeler’s Ch Chrisford Chasin Pavements
BCC was Susie and Margaret Orchard’s Ch Panspayon Jewel Of The Nile. Huge congratulations to you both she looked lovely.
RDCC Kirsty Miller/ Evan Ryan and Kathleen Roosens U Knock Me Off My Feet Daydream Believers with Feorlig.
RBCC Tom Isherwood and Mrs Stone’s Tonkory Waiting In The Wings
BPIB Kirsty Miller and Evan Ryan’s Say It With Flowers,
BV Susie and Margaret Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo At Panspayon Sh.CM ShCEx

Congratulations to everyone who took a card placement, this is a Championship show and to be placed is certainly something of immense merit.

Manchester BIS judge was Mr Graham Hill who found his BIS to be the Alaskan Malamute Mrs S Ellis’s Ch Chayo Cause Celebre and RBIS the Border Terrier Mr & Mrs J Gilpin’s Ch Otterbobs Tolson.

Next week I will bring you news of all the Open Shows that Papillons have flown the flag high, until then take care.