04 September 2015 – Dog World

Welsh rain descended on the Royal Welsh Showground for Toy Day at the WKC Championship Show. I am sure that when a baby is born in Wales it is standard issue that the little one comes complete with a yellow raincoat and wellies! As always we were in the usual ring area, some exhibitors were slightly confused that ring 25 was next to ring 30 and the Afghan ring in 37 at the other end of the hall was adjacent to ring 24. I think it was a test to see how awake we were early in the morning. I felt quite at home really, the day before in the field behind us the farmer had been playing with his tractor, he was taking great delight in seeing how far the pungent manure could be propelled into the air before landing on the ground, sending wafts of a favourite perfume into the environment……NOT. Just keep telling yourself it is healthy and all is well! Wet days like this your heart goes out to the trade stands that have put in so much effort to set up all their wares. Apart from dealing with the rain, they realise that unless it is an item that the exhibitor is desperate to purchase they will stay in the dry and not venture out, especially at this venue as the stands are some distance away if you are situated at the top end. How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll get it at the next show” instead of getting wet? Without the trade stands the shows would be a much poorer place, so perhaps we should spare them a thought. One stand that was super busy was the toasted sandwich bar, for this I managed to hop across from one building to another, walk through one and hey presto there it was. The toasties are the moment of the day and they never let you down. I am afraid on this occasion the healthy salmon salad succumbed to the toastie, shhhh don’t tell anyone, and it’s our secret. As always the ring sizes are great at this show, lots of smells on the floor which is the ultimate challenge to keep the four paws noses off the ground. For some reason our puppy Dustin delighted in finding and playing with pieces of straw, he thought it was a great game. The grooming areas were plentiful and the benching close to the respective ring, so all was good. Our judge for the show was breed specialist Mr Ted Whitehill (Amicae) who had travelled from Scotland to be at the helm of the activities for the day and dressed in his smart Scottish regalia. The judging went smoothly along and the principal winners were as follows; BCC / BOB Kay Stewart & Kirsten Stewart-Knight’s Tussalud Story Tales TAF who then went on to take TGP1 under Ms Annette Oliver, many congratulations. DCC Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, RDCC Sue & Jon Caton’s Coffe Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix (Imp), RBCC Amy William’s  Sunlight Vision Of Ringlands, BP Susie Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo At Panspayon  and BV Jane Thompson & Sandra Austin’s Jhanakia Highland Destiny. Congratulations to the principal and class winners on the day.

Nadia Angharad Al-Bazi had a good day at the Meironeth Agricultural Show where her Papillon Phylcher Love’s Labour’s Won took TGP1 under Mrs B. Purkis (Chilsham) she then continued her winning day by taking GP2 with her Lhasa Apso. Pretty good day I would say Nadia, very well done.

Richmond entries have been published and they are 73/77, remember Toy Day at Richmond this year is a Friday and the Guildford venue is not a sat nav dream, so a good entry.

Remember the entry deadline for South Wales Papillon Champ show is Fri, 11th Sept (postmark). It is being held at The Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells the day after SWKA. Breed Specialist Mrs Liz Bartram (Burghbridge) is judging this show.

The entry closing date for the Papillon Club’s Joint Champ Show is Fri, 25th Sept (postal) or you can enter online at www.paw-print.org.uk, the online entries close Fri, 2nd Oct (midnight). The show is being held at The Royal Court Hotel, Keresley, Coventry. The judges are; Dogs: Mr Espen Engh (Norway), Bitches: Mrs Jenny Scovell (Caswell), Referee/ Junior Handling/ Best Fringes in Show Mr Roger Banfield (Kingshaven)

So the next breed notes will be taking us all the way to bonnie Scotland for the August SKC, lets hope the order of the day will be for sunshine all the way.