05 January 2018

Happy New Year to everyone in whatever aspect of the canine world you choose to be involved, my New Year wishes for you all are happiness and joy during 2018. Whatever your dreams maybe for the forthcoming year, I hope they are fulfilled to the brim with nothing but love and laughter.

I expect like me you have been busy filling in your 2018 diary, so pen at the ready, here are some of the judges for the Championship Shows ahead.

4/1/18 Boston & District: breed specialist- Penny Robins, 18/1/18 Manchester: breed specialist- Queenie Bruce. 8/3/18 Crufts: breed specialist- Roger Banfield, 31/3/18 UK Toydog: breed specialist- Caroline Lee-Slater. 21/4/18 The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club: (bitches) breed specialist- Carolyn Roe, (dogs) Tom Mather, (referee) Caroline Lee Slater. 27/4/18. WELKS: Tony Allcock. 10/5/18. Birmingham National: Brian Rix, 18/5/18 SKC: breed specialist- Sean Carroll, 20/5/18. Butterfly Dog Club of Scotland: Eddie Bishop, 25/5/18. Bath: Geoffrey Davies. 1/6/18. Southern Counties: Mr F Cochetti (Italy), 7/6/18. Three Counties: breed specialist – Jennifer Edson, 16/6/18. Border Union: breed specialist – Ann Stevenson, 22/6/18. Blackpool: breed specialist- Kirsten Stewart-Knight, 28/6/18. Windsor: breed specialist- Pat Cox. 6/7/18. East of England: breed specialist- Brian Lees, 28/7/18. .The Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club: (dogs) breed specialist Joe Magri, (bitches) breed specialist-Jerry Munroe. 5/8/18. South of England Papillon Club: Dr Francis Yeoh, 11/8/18. Bournemouth: Lee Cox, 17/8/18. WKCA: Mrs Raye Parry, 25/8/18. SKC: breed specialist- Joan Savage, 31/8/18. City of Birmingham: breed specialist- Rosalie Brady. 16/09/2018 Darlington: Bill Brown-Cole, 06-10-18 SWKA: breed specialist – Hilary Joyce, 15/12/18 LKA: Mrs L Gillespie.

Mike Foster (Nouveau) sent me the following sad news that their little Nouveau Less Is More (Mouse) has just passed away. Mouse, or to give him his full title Am Grand Ch BISS Nouveau Less Is More (SOM) was one of those special once in a lifetime dogs. He was a born showman who showed his love for life in the ring winning a couple of Reserve CC’s here in the UK, and I am sure many people will remember seeing him in the ring as he was such a character. I certainly have fond memories of him. Mouse left Mike and Mark as a young adult to live with their good friend Marichin Uriarte (Marichin Papillons) in Texas, USA. He had a wonderful show career in the USA gaining his title and Grand Championship and despite limited use at stud became a Sire of Merit. Mouse was one of a litter of three (one of Nouveau’s last litters) the other two siblings also having success, Am Ch Nouveau Texas Lady and Aus/Lux Ch Nouveau My Delight. He experienced a wonderful life with their friend Marichin and Mike and Mark could not be prouder of the success she had with him, nor more grateful for the wonderful life given to Mouse whilst in Marichin’s care.

Susie & Margaret Orchard had a good day at Totnes& DCS Limit Show before Christmas; apparently there were lots of Christmas jumpers being worn. Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon ShCM took BOB and TGP2 under Mrs B Loader (Kettrice).

For those of you judging from the 1st Jan the Kennel Club have now brought in that for Open Show critiques, reports on the first and second placements are required, whereas previously it had just been the first placement.

Next week we will cover the snowy goings on at LKA and any further Open show successes. Until then enjoy celebrating the New Year. Take care on the roads for the shows you are attending and enjoy your four paws.