05 October 2018

Driffield Championship Show endured for the first few days the worst of weathers. Rain and high winds forced many trade stands to pack up their battered and beaten stands and head back home for repairs. So much effort is putting a championship show together whether it is the Driffield committee who always put in a 100% commitment and beyond. Also the trade stands, setting up is not an easy task travelling from show to show and must have been a huge disappointment not to have been able to participate.

On Toy day the weather improved with no rain but extremely bitterly cold, thermals and flasks at the ready, that is for sure. Mr Stephen Bardwell was judging the Papillons, Mr Bardwell has always in his past appointments been both kind and considerate to four paws and exhibitors and I am sure everyone experienced this once again on the day.

The principal winners on the day were as follows. BCC and BOB was Tom Isherwood and Jenny Scovell’s Stagedoor Barbie. Great joy and celebrations for Liz and Alan Bartram also the breeders Lisa and Chris Christenson of Tresor’s Kings Valiant Lancelot as this was the magical third cc. All credit must go to Liz who has piloted him to the title and kept him in pristine condition. Liz very much felt the cold on the day and became quite unwell so for the challenge Caroline Soulsby kindly stepped in and steered him to his winning day. I know that Liz is so grateful to Caroline. Best Puppy Elizabeth Cochrane’s Northlyte A Fond Kiss, Best Special Beginners Waller’s Lilnrose I’m A Lovebug JW. RDCC Mary Whitehill and Pat Urwin’s Paparottsie Heart Beats At Amicae and RBCC Magri and Matthew’s A’dior’s Make A Wish Rozamie (Imp) It. Congratulations to all the principal winners and those that received prize cards.

For those of you that have your 2019 diaries, pen at the ready here are some of the judges for the 2019 show, also a few for 2020. 3/1/19 Boston Marie Thorpe (Rep of Ireland), 17/1/19 Manchester Cheryl Lockett, 7/3/19 Crufts Ted Whitehill, 30/3/19 UKTD Sophie Langdon, Papillon Club Championship Show 20/4/19 Pap Dog Club Lynda Woodrow (bitches), David Guy (dogs), Stephen Bardwell (referee), 26/4/19 WELKS Roger Chaston, 10/5/19 B’ham Nat TBA (replacing Peter Jolley), 17/5/19 SKC Glenn Robb, 18/5/19 Papillon Club of Scotland Carl Sparrow, 24/5/19 Bath Jeff Horswell, 31/5/19 Southern Counties Ms R Dowsett, 6/6/19 Three Counties Frank Kane, 16/6/19 Border Union Teresa Collins, 21/6/19 Blackpool Mr A Foss (Norway), 27/6/19 Windsor Sue Stanbury, 5/7/19 East of England Angela Skelton, Leeds TBA, 3/8/19 Paignton Kirsty Miller, 3/8/19 South of England Papillon Championship Show Kirsten Stewart-Knight, 10/8/19 Bournemouth Mr N Marsh, 16/8/19 Welsh Kennel Club Liz Stannard, 24/8/19 SKC Kevin Berry, 13/9/19 Darlington Andrew Stewart, 19/9/19 Driffield Stuart Payne, 11/10/19 South Wales Robert Dunlop, 24/10/19 Midland Counties Mr E Engh (Norway), 23/11/19 Joint Papillon Club Margaret Bunce, 14/12/19 LKA Mr B Claydon.

Judges for 2020. 18/4/20 Papillon Club Championship Show Michael Quinney (dogs), Pat Cox (bitches), Norma Inglis (referee), 2/8/20 South of England Papillon Club Joe Magri and finally 9/10/20 South Wales Kennel Mervyn Evans.

So that should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy your showing and have fun with your little ones. Please remember to let me know your news from the shows and we can celebrate with you.