06 January 2017 – Dog World

Well, as another year fades gracefully into the distance a New Year brings forth a wealth of hope along the many paths each of us have chosen. My personal wish is for clarity, peace and honesty between nations including ordinary folk, whatever avenue the walk of live takes us on. Perhaps then the joy and happiness of the reason we are on this earth can be appreciated. May everyone have peace and harmony for 2017.

The last show of the year LKA at the NEC has come and gone and once again the committee put on a show with a festive flavour. Many Christmassy jumpers were to be seen and all the exhibitors were in a party mood.

The ring size for LKA has always been generous and this year didn’t disappoint, the car park is close at hand compared to this venue for Crufts. Talking of car parks, what a wonderful chrissie pressie for us all as the car park fee was at a reduced price of £6 instead of the £12 for Crufts. Thank you LKA you certainly shared with each and every exhibitor a Christmas bonus.

Mr David Guy (Donzeata) was judging the breed and he arrived looking immaculate and ready for the day ahead. As always for this show a good entry had been received. Most exhibitors like to finish the year at the last show of the year, a chance to meet and greet friends before the festive break. It was indeed a special show for Joe Magri and Kevin Arrowsmith as they took the DCC/ BOB and then TGP1 and BIS under Mr Hans van den Berg with Ch Rozamie Dream Lover. Congratulations to all concerned. The BCC was Gregory’s Skyvana Reddy To Go To Tonkory. She was so pleased and delighted, it was so lovely to see. Congratulations also to the breeder Sophie Langdon. BP went to Tom Isherwood and Mike Gadsby’s Stagedoor Bubbles for Afterglow. For the RDCC it was Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, RBCC Kay Stewart & Kirsten Stewart-Knight’s Denemore Ragge Prosecco At Tussalud NAF TAF and BV Griffith’s Melangel Maybelle At Manawyddan.
On the Open / Limit Show front at Totnes & DCS Limit Show Sue Stanbury had a good show taking RBPIS with Angullyon Trading Secrets with Inixia. The breed judge was Mr B. Kirk (Brisville) and TPGP and BIS judge S. Richardson (Talyot).

At Bristol & DCS Sue Stanbury also received a TGP2 with Inixia Saucy Sam under judge Vanessa Williams-Wagmann (Essvana) and Tarnock’s Debutante Duchess took a TPGP1.

Exonian CS where Mrs Sue Robinson (Tusculana) judged the breed and Mr Eddie Bishop (Zahrenca) the TGP, Sue’s Inixia Saucy Sam took TGP1 and Angullyon Trading Secrets TPGP1. Congratulations on your recent successful shows Sue.

If any one who is at Boston would like to send me any interesting snippets from Boston Champ show, not just about the judging but about the show in general, it would be appreciated. It is always nice to talk about the societies themselves, as behind the scenes, there are folk working away like beavers and they need recognition also, very often they are forgotten.

I wish everyone in the Dog World whatever breed you may be in a happy and successful 2017.