06 March 2015

Crufts is here, drum roll let the show commence. Whether you are reading these notes at home and getting ready for some Sunday fun or perhaps sitting on the benching at the ringside waiting for your class. I wish everyone a brilliant day, just soak in the atmosphere and enjoy every minute.

I am currently writing my shopping list of essentials to purchase and it is growing by the second. The trade stands are a shopper’s delight and I know it takes a huge effort from the traders to get all the products into the hall on set up days. So all credit to them and may they have a busy and successful show.

Don’t forget to pick up your Papillon Club Handbook at the show. The handbook is being launched at the show on the club stand so make sure you get there early so as not to be disappointed. It makes a great informative read and much can be learnt from browsing through the pages with both interesting information and some beautiful pictures of our butterflies and moths. Something not to missed and a golden opportunity to pick up at the show.

Let’s spare a moment of thought for the folk that are unable to get to Crufts this year because they have been poorly sick. Ruth Johnston (Dourhu) is awaiting a triple heart by-pass and we wish her a speedy recovery when she knows a date of the operation. Mandy Thornton (Shevid) has also come out of hospital recently and we hope she is feeling better soon. Heather Chaston wife of Roger Chaston is due to go into hospital soon for an operation. For Ruth, Mandy and Heather and anyone else that I have not mentioned I wish you health and happiness in your household.

Well short and sweet this week but lots to talk about I am sure next week. Enjoy your Crufts experience and good luck to all exhibitors from the UK and abroad.