06 May 2016 – Dog World

The Malvern Showground is so beautiful when Mr Sunshine has his hat on but then transforms into a nightmare of horrors when rain, wind and cold prevail. Unfortunately for exhibitors, Toy Day at WELKS this year was most definitely the latter of the two options. The salads in our butty bag didn’t even see light of day, the thought of munching through lettuce with the wind blowing down the marquee gulley, meeting in the middle and exiting out of one of the wide open barn doors either side of the Hall 5, was not the most comforting of pictures. Thank goodness I had brought the flask as we drank peppermint teas the entire time, just to warm our hands, if nothing else.
 We all have experienced the cold slowly as the day progresses reaching the knees when standing on a concrete floor , at this point it is definitely ‘home James, don’t spare the horses’. But all in all everyone kept lively in spirit throughout the day.

There were many trade stands for everyone to see; I know I just bobbed into the ones that I needed to purchase from, too cold to browse. Funnily in the morning it was arctic outside with a bitter wind blowing and a midge warmer in the halls but by the afternoon it had reversed. Plenty of refreshment catering stands for everyone to choose from, unfortunately the hot food was at the top end so it was a long trek from Hall 5 and you just hurried to get back as quickly as you could so the food didn’t go cold or soggy. 

Our judge for this show was to be breed specialist, Miss Sophie Langdon (Shadowknight), smartly dressed in a black dress with floral print jacket. She must have been absolutely frozen, at one point I was willing her to put a coat on, but she stuck it out bravely. The judge went over the dogs kindly on the table and gave everyone a chance to make the best of their charges. 

The principal winners were as follows. DCC / BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, BCC a delighted Helen & Eric Broadhurst with Ancojo Wild Fire at Thistlemist and BP Sue Stanbury with Inixia Hot Stuff. For the RCC’s it was utter delight for exhibitors with their veterans. The RDCC going to Jane Thompson and Sandra Austin with their eight year old little boy (18-08-07) Jhanakia Highland Destiny and the RBCC to Karen Maskell’s Kaskell Velvet Dream who is also eight years old (13-06-07). Well done to the veterans of our breed.

Now sending positive vibes, so we can all live in hope, that the next jaunt out to Malvern, will bring wall to wall sunshine. Sun tan and shades at the ready.