06 November 2015 – Dog World

When we get to Midland Counties my time clock immediately goes into overdrive, shouting Santapap is coming soon. Oh lordy, wrapping skills to be dusted off, addresses to be found, cards to be written as LKA approaches at a fast rate of knots. Now, this is me in an organised moment of madness, the true gist to the picture is swimming calmly on top of the water whilst the legs are paddling like hell underneath as Christmas approaches. Wouldn’t you like to just poke your tongue out at all those clever bods who proudly announce by the middle of November “All my presents are bought and wrapped, everything organised”. Go on, be honest how many of you have heard that phrase and thought well jolly holly sticks for you, smiling sweetly, between gritted teeth saying “ I am nearly there, just a few more things to get”. There’s nothing wrong in a friendly white fib, is there.

For us Stafford is our nearest venue, we take the back roads so keeping away from the M6. I believe there was a vehicle fire which held exhibitors up for their journey on the M6 and judging was delayed thirty minutes. Now coming out of the venue nothing can be avoided. As we got 500 yards down the road the traffic was stacked up all the way down, so quick turnaround at the first opportunity and back to Bingley to watch the groups. Might as well be doing something interesting rather than sat in a queue. On the balcony the trade stands were doing brisk business, I am sure the stands at the end of the balcony could have done with some head lamps fitted to their foreheads as someone had forgot to put a shilling in the meter. But I think it was all in hand and I hope for them the following day was an improvement. The Papillons were in the Main Hall for this show, a good size ring and various spaces available to set up your trolley. The benching to collect your ring cards was some distance away, but with the help of the sat nav, it was easy to find. Unfortunately, we were one of the rings on the outside edge of the hall; both doors adjacent to the ring were fully open all day. It was rainy and the wind used the two door passages as wind tunnels, eventually hitting us like a block of ice, giving every one a chilly bon-bon feel. One door in particular kept banging, making a few of the Paps unsettled. Luckily the judge noticed this and moved the table to the other side of the ring. We Papillon folk are made of stern stuff and battled through the elements with a smile. The judge today, was Mr Geoffrey Davies and with the help of his two very capable stewards the day went smoothly along. Mr Davies had received a good entry, one of which must have pleased him. I did notice a lot of the breeds for a Friday had good entries and I am sure with Stafford being of a central location this makes the venue favourable. But, isn’t it encouraging seeing buoyant numbers for the show as the committee put so much time and effort into making it an enjoyable day for everyone. The principal winners for the day were as follows; BCC / BOB Kay Stewart and Kirsten Stewart-Knights: Ir Ch Tussalud Story Tales (taf), DCC Irene and Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, BP Mary Whitehills Amicae Summer Breeze. For the RCC’s for the dog it was Sue Morrell and Thesbina Teague’s: Temelora Bobby Dazzler Jw and the bitch Anne Borg’s Petress Dark and Daring. Congratulations to Teresa and Peter Cullen the breeder of the RBCC.

For all the poorly sick people within our breed our thoughts are with each and every one of you, wishing you lots of get well wishes and a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you all back on the show scene very soon.

Well, next week I will give the full run down on the Papillon Joint Show. A tremendous effort had been put into this show and the committee certainly deserved all the accolades they have been given. Lots to talk about, think this is called dangling the carrot!

Meet up with you all next week then.