07 August 2015 – Dog World

WOW. WOW. WOW is how this week breed notes has to start. Massive congratulations to Leeds secretary Liz Stannard and all the committee of Leeds Championship Show.

What a huge improvement you have made to the showground for both the showing facilities and car park. The transformation is just unbelievable.
What can I say, modern marquees, giving us spacious in / out mown grass showing areas, and a fantastic car park with mown grass. A sound system that everyone could hear clearly, super organisation and the main ring looked lovely. Fantastic informative commentary by Frank Kane for the groups and BIS, everyone could learn something from his individual comments on each breed. It was a pleasure to be at the show and enjoy the new super facilities available. Very well done to the committee who had committed so much and it showed a hundred fold, fantastic.

Leeds weekend was a busy weekend for Papillon folk. The first being on the Friday at Leeds in the beautiful setting of Harewood House and then the following day the Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club held their Championship Show at Brodsworth Miners Welfare, near Doncaster.

On Toy day at Leeds the weather was kind and it was perfect showing conditions for the dogs. Mr Stuart Payne of the well respected kennel Habiba was judging our breed for a first time challenge certificate appointment, so it was to be a special day for him, I am sure. He arrived looking smartly attired in dark trousers and lighter coloured jacket and looking ready and eager for his day ahead. On the table he went over the dogs in a kind but positive manner which is the best approach to set the dogs at their ease and gave every exhibitor an opportunity to show their changes off to their best advantage when either moving and on the stand. The day went smoothly along ably assisted by the two organised and pleasant stewards.

For us it was to be the start of a glorious show and another that would firmly be entered in the memory box file. DCC / BOB went to Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo and BP to Travis’s seven month old son, Gleniren Stardustmaker. Following on from East of England just two weeks previously where Travis took BIS dare we even contemplate that we could go forward again from the Toy Group. But the dream continued with Travis taking TGP1 under Mr Stuart Mallard.

BCC was a delighted Pat Cox with Denemore Gabiscandy Floss At Tricianbri (Ikc) JW, RDCC Sue and Jon Caton’s Coffe Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix (Imp) and RBCC Sue Victor’s Lafford Kandy Floss. Bred by Carol Lees and handled by Caroline Lee-Slater.

Sandwiched in-between these two days was the N&EPC show as previously mentioned, the weather was still dry. Royal Canin was sponsoring the show with their food and Valerie Lockhart had crafted some beautiful gifts for the winners. The BIS winner took home a crafted butterfly tree, how cool is that.

Here we had two breed specialist judges. Carol Lees (Lafford) giving CC’s in Papillons for the first time judging the bitches and Elizabeth Cochrane (Tutyak) from Scotland judging the dogs and Mrs Jean Banfiield (Kingshaven) was acting as referee and judging the junior handling for this occasion. Maureen Richardson (Kringleholme) was taking on the task of judging the Special Award Classes. The pictures for the forthcoming 2016 calendar were displayed for everyone to view and cast their votes, plenty of stalls for everyone to browse and spend their pennies and an auction of various items was ably conducted by Aiden Foynes.

Refreshments were aplenty as Christine Mcfarlane had the kitchen up and running in military style precision with lots of mouth watering goodies to choose on the menu, enough to keep everyone ‘tummy rumble free’!

The special classes and junior handling kicked off the day and the main judging commenced around 11am with Maureen Richardson at the helm. Susan Lanson had a brilliant start to the day taking Best of Specials with her youngster Cantoverde Lady in Red. Whilst in the junior ring with Jean Banfield her choice was Callum Thornton who took Best Junior Handler. Callum then I think the next day was stewarding at Leeds.

The challenge certificates awarded were as follows; The BCC went to an overjoyed Amanda Brown and Kirsty Wells as there little girl Metamorphic Delivered took her 3rd cc giving her the Champion title. RBCC was Irene Buckley-Waters Sempefidelis Dulcidine. For the dogs it was DCC Jane Allsops and Liz & Alan Bartram’s Conysluck the Red Baron JW, RDCC Irene and Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo.

Coming to deciding for BIS the two judges could not agree so it was given over to the referee Jean Banfield to make the decision and BIS went to the dog C the Red Baron JW. Back to the two judges for RBIS, this also went to the dog Ch G Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. BPIS went to the bitch Lynda Woodrow’s Lynflyer Winter Sparkle and Robb’s Gleniren Stardustmaker took the RBPIS slot. BV Mrs Aitkin’s Jaroma Geena Gee at Elfuago. Congratulations to all the principal winners and class winners on the day.

So a very long day as we didn’t leave the premises till 6pm and hotfooted back over to the Travelodge at Leeds. Then returning back to Harewood on the Sunday for BIS, the weather was a very different story from Toy Day, around 1pm the rain descended at a rate of knots and it just got colder and colder. For the judges awarding the stakes classes and groups they must have been absolutely frozen, I know we were. This meant that folk and dogs were huddled in area of the main ring, remembering there were three groups attending on the Sunday. Walking space for the dogs was postage stamp size as you couldn’t step a paw outside. Glenn carried Travis down to the collecting ring at the other end with me holding the umbrella and we hoped he could stretch his legs in the collecting ring as he had been snuggled up in a cosy bed all afternoon, covered up to keep him warm.

The BIS commenced at approx 6pm and it was an impressive line up of group winners. Mr Stuart Mallard looking immaculate awarded BIS to the beautiful Saluki who looked so graceful and to our delight Travis took the RBIS spot. What a thrilling day, not just for Glenn, Carolyn and myself but everyone who has the love of the Papillon breed held warmly in their hearts. Thank you so much to exhibitors in the breed and exhibitors in other breeds for your fabulous support. It is very overwhelming and we are so grateful.

Can’t finish these notes without saying once again well done Leeds Show, you have excelled yourselves in every aspect from an exhibitors prospective – FIRST CLASS.