08 April 2016 – Dog World

United Kingdom Toy Dog is one of my favourite shows of the year. The committee every year work so hard to make everything just right for the exhibitor, they greet you with a smile and banter when collecting your catalogue, this year you were met by the UKTD President Ferelith Somerfield, Brian Almond and Stuart Plane, altogether the scene is set for a social day of showing. The main ring as always was the centre piece of the show, looking immaculate with the pristine blue carpet, backdrop wall drapes, judges table and grooming table all in a matching blue material. The ring was adored with pretty Easter flower arrangements, some with miniature Easter eggs hanging from the pussy willow stems. Around the perimeter of the ring Union Jack flagging hung on the white picket fencing, the ring looked absolutely stunning.

UKTD have always encouraged the juniors to take part in the day to day running of the show. What better way to learn the craft they so love. The main ring steward Jan Reynolds was helped by youngsters Ryan Ross and Maria Clark. Our very own Holly Bradford helped out at the show and those of you that watched the video of BIS will have seen Holly placing the awards board. Well done Holly.

Chief Steward was Charlotte McNamara with help also from Helen Rishworth. Many Papillon folk will remember Charlotte from her days doing so well in the Papillon Junior Awards when I organised them. Charlotte is of course daughter of the late, very lovely Lyndsey Pemberton. Jan Reynolds did a brilliant job on the public address, keeping everyone heading in the right direction at the right time. Not an easy job!

The trade stands were a buzz on the balcony with folk finding the items that they missed out on at Crufts. Royal Canin the main sponsors who donated food vouchers had their stand on the ground floor along with an impressive Purple Paw stand who kindly donated a magnificent prize of a bespoke show trolley for the BIS winner.

A new discipline of a Have a go Rally was in the Prestwood Hall and this was being sponsored by Hills Science Diet. I did spy some Easter chocolate among the prizes too.

This year the Papillons were in the Prestwood Hall, A new location of the building for our breed as usually we are in the Annex or for the last couple of year on the side of the main hall. The only criticism perhaps was that the hall was freezing and we spent most of the day shivering our socks off. I did hear that the Pug exhibitors who shared this part of the venue with us had asked for the heating to be turned off. If this is the case perhaps we can all come to a compromise that is more acceptable to everyone if we are sharing the hall next year. It was really cold and a few people that had not been so well recently spent the day wrapped up in blankets. I really felt for them. The ring was of a good size and surprisingly a lot of folk found it noisier in the Prestwood than in the main hall. Perhaps it was all the chattering teeth!

Breed Specialist Mrs Sue Morrell (Temelora) was the judge for the show. She had been through such a lot the last year and what a triumph it must have been for her to be at the show now fit and healthy. All the Papillon folk were thrilled you were at the show judging our lovely breed. Positive thinking works and you are a shining example of that theory.

Judging commenced on time and a good entry had been received, so it was onward and forward, it was going to be a busy day ahead. Mrs Morrell went over the dogs gently and calmly on the table. No frilly bits that can unsettle the dogs but just getting down to the job in hand. Each exhibitor was given plenty of time on the floor to make sure their exhibits were paw-perfect. The day went smoothly along ably assisted by the stewards.

The principal winners were as follows. DCC / BOB / BIS Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. What a perfect day the Papillons had with Travis taking BIS under the so highly respected Mrs Liz Cartledge. Liz Stannard did the commentary in a professional manner and the spotlight was focused on the main ring as the dogs entered. A lovely full line up of dogs for BIS, each of them a credit to their individual breed. Each of the BIS winners took home a super rosette, Royal Canin voucher and, wait for it, an Easter Egg. Chocolate Rules! As mentioned before a beautiful Purple Paws Show trolley was presented to Travis and Glenn, it was quite over whelming. Travis had earlier in the afternoon also won the Eukanuba Champion Stakes outright under Mr Carl Sparrow (Casarow) receiving a super rosette and product voucher from Phil Davies of Eukanuba. What a memorable day for our breed, the Papillon.

Getting back to the Papillon Breed ring it was cheers all the way for Pat and Brian Cox. The BCC gave a magical third cc to Denemore Gabiscandy Floss at Tricianbri (IKC) JW. We were thrilled as Glenn had given this little girl a RBCC when just a puppy at Windsor a couple of years ago. We are so pleased for you Pat and Brian.

For the RDCC it was Sue and Jon Caton’s Never Let Me Go Forussi at Henrix (Imp) and the RBCC Anne Borg’s Petress Dark and Daring. For BP Sue Stanbury had a winning day with her youngster Tykkydewas Peaches ‘n’ Cream With Inixia and BV went to a very pleased Sandra Austin and Jane Thompson with Jhanakia Highland Destiny.

Wasn’t it lovely to see Ruth Johnson and Doug at UKTD, really made mine and Glenn’s day. Ruth hasn’t been in the best of health over the last months but there she was with eyes gleaming all wrapped up snug as a bug in a blanket. It was so nice to see you and I am sure everyone thought the same. Keep giving us that lovely smile and we hope to see you at SKC maybe.

Lets us now get on to results from the Open Shows. Kirsty Miller had a brilliant day at Dunstable Open Show, taking TGP1/ TPGP1 and then BPIS with Feorlig Smarty Pants who is owned by Jenny Miller, Kirsty’s Mum. The judges were, for the breed and BIS Mrs Wendy Cross and the group Mr Fred Ellingford.

Okehampton & DCS was a good show for Sue Stanbury her Inixia Saucy Sam took TGP3 under Val Culmpstey (Tamalva).

Brian and Carol Lees on Good Friday at the Eastwood Kennel Association Show held at Newark Showground the Papillon classes were judged by Mr A Davidson (Sharlana) and Lafford Penny Black handled by Brian went TPGP2 under judge Lyn Ison. Not to be outdone, Carol piloted Lynflyer Winter Story at Lafford to BOB and TGP2. On Easter Monday they had news from abroad that at the Luxembourg Show Lafford Postman Pat had won the Junior class for his co-owners Carine Rutten and Sue Victor and handled by Carine. With the win came the title of Junior Champion of Luxembourg. The judge was Mr Erwin Deutscher from Austria. Not Papillon related but Carol and Brian also took BVIS at UKTD under Grace Goodwin with their jointly owned Maltese Ch Ir Ch Lafford Trade Marc Sh CM W08, CW09/10, also winning the Veteran Stakes under Carl Sparrow. I call that a pretty good Easter weekend, congratulations.

Sad news from Roger Chaston that Mrs Sylvia Porter from Beccles has passed away. Condolences to her family and friend

I would like to send a multitude of healing get well wishes for those exhibitors in the ‘poorly paws’ recovery room at the moment. John Edson has been having a rough time spending the last few weeks in hospital, a difficult time for Jenny and John. Chris Foynes has also been in hospital for MRI scans. Chris has an extremely positive attitude and exudes this in her FB posts, which is a joy and shining example of how to overcome the many mountains we have to climb in life. Elizabeth Cochrane also has been in hospital for an operation, which I am told went well and will now complete her treatment in the months to come. Rosemarie Hobson has seen her specialist and is now awaiting an appointment for a ‘camera’ job, remember to smile, Rosemarie. I and everyone in the Papillon fraternity wish you all a speedy recovery, hoping very soon to see you all at the shows with your beloved butterflies.

The next show to report on will be the Papillon Club Championship Show. At this show the annual yearly presentations are awarded. So lots will be going on. For this show the judges are; dogs Queenie Bruce, bitches Rosalie Brady and the Ref will be Pat Munn.

Please let me know your results at any shows you are attending. The DOG WORLD criteria that I can report on for Open Shows is TGP and BIS/ RBIS, of course also TPGP and BPIS/ RBPIS. So keep flying the flag and let me report your success to everyone.