10 February 2017 – Dog World

I have a couple of Open Shows to report on. Anne Griffiths had a successful day at Lichfield CS with Manawyddan Flora Macdonald who won a super TGP1 under breed specialist Helen Wheeler (Ibstock) and TGP judge Penny Rankine-Parsons.

Also at Coalville CS Open show Sheila Wilkinson had a lovely day taking a TPGP3 with Lafford Inspector Morse in Poppywood. The breed and TGP judge was Ellie Mordecai. I am sure his breeder Carol Lees (Lafford) was just thrilled to bits for Sheila.

With Crufts on the horizon many will be giving their focus on preparation for the four paws, not an easy time especially for the long coated breeds. Whilst wet weather seems a continual every day occurrence, whites seem to have a magical way of turning to a lighter shade of grey in a blink of the eye and it is one constant battle, you versus the elements. I know our lot look at me as if to say “We are not getting brushed …. again mother”. Pegged ears on washing line, brings to mind as an alternative!

The weather forecast gives some wild, windy and wet times for February, so please drive careful on the roads and wrap up warm. Remember if you are running late, experiencing delays, it is better to get there in one piece and not rise the stress levels to the maximum.

Until next week take care and enjoy showing your four paws.