10 July 2015 – Dog World

Exhibitors made their way to Blackpool Championship Show, this year at a completely new venue at Redwood Park, Inskip near Preston. I think all of us were praying that the weather was kind; in previous years for this show the weather has had committee and exhibitors alike in such turmoil. So this was a new beginning of time in changed surrounding. We decided to give plenty of time leaving early and the sat nav took us to the venue with ease. Country roads to the immediate area of the showground, roads maybe on the narrow side for caravans (or they would be if I was driving!) but when out in the countryside it is to be expected. The entrance to the showground was good and very well organised.

Huge congratulations must go to Steve Hall and the committee, what a rollercoaster journey they have been on. No one could say the show wasn’t a success, it was and a vast improvement on previous years. Of course there will be first time small glitches, life is not perfect but they will look to improve on those for next year for sure. You should be very proud of yourselves, a job well done and the show was a credit to you all.

On Toy Day, which was the first day the weather had been rainy on the journey and had that look of it was going to chuck it down. The showground looked super, with large short grassed outside rings with trade stands all around the perimeter. The grass had only been down nine months after extensive drainage had been completed. Tents were located either side with outside rings and BIS marquee in centre. The BIS marquee was set out beautifully. At the far end was a lovely refreshment area for the judges, secretary and awards offices and then a vast BIS ring with plenty of room for grooming around.

On arrival due to it being very wet under foot and dark grey skies above we thought it was preferable to head for the tents. Here the rings were obviously smaller but benching was well laid out and benching numbers were adjacent to the Papillon ring.

The starting time of judging was delayed due to traffic build up, I believe the cause was as traffic was leaving one motorway and joining the Blackpool motorway but it was a Friday and you had folk doing there usual run to work and us lot of doggie people interrupting their flow. As we left early we did not have a problem at all and sailed through as we thought this might be the case. So perhaps taking this option makes for a stress free morning and the inside of the car doesn’t turn a shade of blue!

The weather seemed to brighten up just before judging commenced and the decision was made to start judging in the outside ring around 9.30am. I can understand the reasoning as the ring was such a good size and much better for the four paws. Unfortunately the weather thought differently as we managed to complete VD, MPD, PD and started JD but then the rain descended and it was a hurried dash back to the tents and so it went on all day.

Mr Rob Sansom (Byermoor) was our judge for the day and he arrived looking immaculate as always. With Mr Sansom being well respected in Cavs and used to the toys his handling on the table was gentle, efficient and thorough. He gave everyone an equal chance to show their four paws off to the best advantage and the day went smoothly along with the assistance of his two very professional stewards.

By the end of judging I think everyone was a little damp around the edges, both dogs and handlers alike but the spirit was bright and everyone despite the weather had a social day out.

The principal winners were as follows; DCC/ BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo who then thrilled us all by going on to be awarded TGP1 under Mr Kari Jarvinen from Finland. The TGP was last on the agenda once again but well worth the wait and we went home on cloud nine. Returning on the Sunday for BIS the weather was much kinder delivering the sunshine but some strong winds in tow. For BIS the judge was Mr Mike Gadsby (Afterglow) and we must thank Pap exhibitors and two ladies from Jap Chins for taking the time to be present that was a lovely surprise. The Papillon puppy did a lap of honour as it was bred by the BIS judge.

BCC was a delighted Kirsty Miller & Evan Ryan’s Rozamie Kisses at Midnight at Feorlig JW, IR Jun CH. RDCC Julie Clint’s Papplewick Persian Punch JW, RBCC Irene Buckley-Waters & Lord Buckley’s Metamorphic Opal at Sempefidelis and finally BP Tom Isherwood and Da Silva’s Afterglow Mouseketeer who went on to take TPGP1 under Mr Ron Searle. Congratulations to all the principal and class winners on the day.

There have been many warnings of not leaving dogs in cars during hot weather. Please take on board these warnings. The car can be like a cooker so please keep this in mind whatever your circumstances may be. Enjoy the hot weather but please be sensible and keep your dogs cool in a shady place, they can’t take their overcoats off.