10 May 2019 Breed Notes

The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club held their Championship show at Brackley Leisure Centre which is a new venue. Brian Lees the clubs secretary tells me the show went well with everyone enjoying the scrumptious cakes made by Chris Headley. In the pictures they look amazing. Chris and Bob Anderson were at the helm of the Club Stall and very well stocked the pictures of the table looked too. The Papillon tapestry throw was won by Jill Rowberry, Jill must have been delighted. The club stall is next out at the two day event Papfest held in July.

The judges for this show were Mr David Guy (dogs), Lynda Woodrow (bitches) and the referee and Junior Handling judge Mr Stephen Bardwell. The principal winners were as follows. DCC / BIS Kirsty Miller & Evan Ryan’s Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW ShCM, BCC/ BOS / RBIS Caroline Lee- Slater’s Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell for Kingshaven. BPIS Mandy and Callum Thornton’s Milbu Ciciobello at Shevid (imp), RDCC Amicae Badger owned by Wendy Wilson. Handled at the show and bred by Mary Whitehill, RBCC Ken Fulton’s Milbu Warlock at Kenf JW. RBPIS Kirsty Wells’s Metamorphic Vista, BVIS Karen and Steve Maskell’s Kazim Uptown Girl, BPHIS Queenie Bruce’s Tijuana Mayhem and Best Fringes Pat Urwin’s Paparottsie Blue Moon.Stephen Bardwell found his best Junior Handler to be Isabella Cox.

During the lunch break the Clubs annual awards were presented to the winners by Anne Summerfield the clubs President. For 2018 the winners were as follows:
Top winning Papillon (Ringlands Trophy) & Top Bitch (Elendil Trophy) Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell for Kingshaven; Mrs C Lee-Slater.
Top Dog (Shimna Trophy) Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW; Miss K Miller & Mr E Ryan.
Top Puppy (Kuruso Trophy) Inixia Ever Ready Eddie; Mrs S Stanbury.
Top Veteran (Jan Roosens Trophy) Inixia Delightful Dan; Mrs S Stanbury.
Top Breeder (Joan Brown Rose Bowl) Mrs S Stanbury – Inixia.
Top Owner (Monamie Trophy) Mrs S Stanbury – Inixia.
Top Owner (Monamie Trophy) Mrs S Stanbury – Inixia.
Top Ch Show Winner (Graycaz Trophy) Tarnock Rock N Roll Rene; Mrs D Olof.
Top Stud Dog (Miss Taylor Stud Dog Trophy + Chartamcoombe Tristram Trophy) Feorlig Klever Kloggs JW; Miss K F Miller.
Top Brood Bitch (Greenhedges Trophy + Brood Bitch and Progeny Cup) Rozamie Roxanna at Feorlig; Mrs K M Miller.

Hopefully I can bring you the Papillon Junior Handling Awards Ceremony results as soon as they are given to me.

The 2018 winners for the Our Dogs competition were as follows.Top Papillon (Our Dogs and Arden Grange) Ch Jorgealin Cast A Spell for Kingshaven, . Top Puppy (Our Dogs and Eden Food) Inixia Ever Ready Eddie, Top Breeder (Our Dogs and Arden Grange) Lyn n George- Evans, Top Brood ( Our Dogs) Rozamie Roxanna at Feorlig, Top Stud (Our Dogs and Royal Canin) Smile Line Silenzio Sunshine Garsiv. Congratulations to everyone for both competitions.

Schedules are now imminent for City of Birmingham Championship Show on 30th, 31st August and 1st September.
2019. This is a very important and exciting year for “The City”, being it is their 75th Anniversary Year. The society are celebrating their 75th anniversary achievements in many ways, but most importantly in ways that appreciate the support they have enjoyed over the years from the societies friends and supporters.

They are delighted to announce that Mrs Betty Flavell has accepted the position of President of The Association after many, many years service.

The society is also pleased, by way of thanks to our dedicated exhibitors across all breeds, to schedule classes for EVERY REGISTERED BREED at the show, with a minimum of 12 classes and NO MIXED CLASSES.

They continue to offer group competition to Puppies, Veterans and Juniors in ALL groups.

There will be appropriate commemorative “Medals” celebrating our anniversary to all BOB, BP,BV and BJ in every breed. A full list of “Specials” appears in the schedule.

They are also delighted to welcome no less that 14 Breed Clubs to the show who are holding Breed Championship or Open Shows in conjunction with The City.

Birmingham City sincerely hopes there will be something for everyone at the show and are inviting you all to join them at Stoneleigh for ‘The Brighter Birmingham’ Championship Show.

At Stafford WELKS Championship show was held with Roger Chaston at the helm for judging the breed. The principal winners were as follows; DCC / BOB Mary Whitehill and Pat Urwin’s Amicae Timless Dream, BCC Caroline Lee- Slater and Mrs Kewley’s Magic Sunrise Believe In Me (Imp LVA), RDCC Lee- Slater’s Rozamie Monsieur Philippe, RBCC Kirsty Miller and Evan Ryan’s Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW SHcm, BP Sophie Langdon’s Skyvana Xpose and finally Best Special Beginners Mrs M Keowyn’s Jorgealin Midnight Magic For Kingshaven. Congratulations to all the principal and class winners.

For me it has been a busy judging fortnight with judging a lovely quality entry of Toys and BIS at Derby Canine. The club were so hospitable of which I am very grateful. Also thank you for my gift of a huge BIS Easter Egg, not sure the waist line thinks so at the moment! Then last weekend I travelled to LKA of Scotland, my thanks to those that navigated me to the show with the road being closed. I stayed in super accommodation and it was an enjoyable weekend with friends and such an array of quality dogs to go over.

With the Bank Holiday this weekend, enjoy and have fun at the shows. Let me know of your successes then everyone can share your wins and celebrate with you.

Until next week, safe travels.