11 December 2015 – Dog World

Hey–Ho the DOG WORLD sleigh is ready to rumble for an early rehearsal at the NEC, destination LKA. I have been reliably informed that Adrian Marett has been working tirelessly through the night, packing the sleigh to the gills with this year’s bumper edition of the DOG WORLD ANNUAL. The DW reindeers have been expertly trained, groomed and energised to their maximum speed over the last few weeks by the two Simons at the DW Reindeer Fitness Gym and Tom Burrington had toiled endlessly in the chopped carrots department supplying breakfast and supplements for coat shine and maintenance.

The only Hiccup was that Adrian had the sleigh packed so tightly with the advanced orders for the DOG WORLD ANNUAL that the video equipment for the DOG WORLD TV TEAM had to be placed precariously on top, much to the dismay of Simon Baillie who had a Lady ‘C’ moment, without the pearls. Adrian was adamant, stamping his feet saying, “Use bungees, my Annuals come first, or go and find your own sleigh”.

At this moment, Tom came in with his over flowing chopped carrot bowls for the final feed. The air was fraught with tension, with both sides firmly digging in their heels with no leeway of communication. Thinking on his feet, Tom the peace maker bravely stepped into the middle of the feuding parties announcing, “Let’s ask the DW Reindeer Crew. Come on follow me to the Reindeer Housing Unit, in an orderly fashion please, no mumbling”.

On arrival at the unit, the chief costume designer Marina Scott dressed in her Christmas jumper was busily dressing the Reindeers in their diamante DW embossed harnesses. She was brimming with excitement perched on her tippy toes high up a stepladder completing the final touches. They looked magnificent and were fit and ready for the task ahead.

One question Rudolph, Tom blurted out. In the regulations will you take the DW ANNUALS and the TV equipment on one sleigh? Not on your Donner Blitzen, we’re on strike says the boss man! Rudolph eyes are fixated on the carrots and Tom gives him one to make the peace. Munching happily he whispered; telephone the inner presidential sanctum on the direct DW hot speed dial to the MD. Adrian and Simon glared at each other pulling tongues, the air is blue indeed. “Right you two, I am off to make that call and I am making sure it is on speaker phone so you can both hear what is said”.

The MD Stuart Baillie and Editor Damian Durio had announced earlier in the day they were not to be disturbed as an urgent meeting was called, but this was an emergency Tom thought, so the red direct line can be used. In fact folks, come a bit closer, I know you will keep a secret, the two were sharing a luxury box of mince pies and swigging the mulled wine. But Shhhhh it’s our secret.

After receiving the question and lengthy discussion between the mouthfuls, the vote was given that they would supply a net bungee and Marina would perch on top of sleigh fairy like, completely decked in tinsel with obligatory sprig of mistletoe placed strategically, waving a wand with DW fairy dust. Donner and Blitzen were to be given extra carrots to enhance pulling power.

At that point in the guise of Santa, Simon Parsons who had drawn the short straw as he was the only one with beard expertise entered the room. Bedecked in his Santa apparel with shiny DW buttons on his jacket and a Red DW bobble hat, he drew a gasp of admiration from everyone present. “Okay it is quarter past the butterfly clock and all flight paths to LKA are ready within the hour for take off.” Why aren’t you lot dressed yet? Spit spock Adrain Marett, Simon Baillie, Tom Burrington into your elves costumes and Marina Scott the fairy costume, don’t forget the mistletoe and make sure the car park pass is on sleigh. With that Tom threw his arms in the air announcing, “I need more carrots”, dashing back to the chopping board.

From me to you, Merry Christmas to all the DOG WORLD staff from a mere mortal of the Papillon DW Breed notes.

So, I guess by now, all the exhibitors going to LKA for the magical Christmas show of the year are just besides themselves with anticipation, wanting to know more about that important time of the year when the DW Annual has its grand opening. Well folks you are in for a thrill and so much reading and super pictures of the canine world before you. It is the biggest yet with over five hundred pages with luxury glossy adverts of kennels across the globe, Adrian Marett you’re a super star, Duncan Bannerdown would be proud of you. Pictures that will have your mouth drooling and with the ahhh factor on every page. What a super way to see what the canine world is all about and you learn so much from looking at the pictures of the dogs. Plenty of interesting reading matter including an in-depth interview with new KC chairman Simon Luxmoore. Junior handling pages including comments from Marina Scott and show news from around the world with reports from numerous nations. You will enjoy fascinating comments from Sheila Atter on open shows and what future they have in the coming years.

If you are looking for that Christmas present for your doggie friends that will give pleasure all year round. Then my fellow exhibitors save your legs at LKA, head straight to the DW Stand and purchase your annuals. DW will also have brilliant show diaries (large £7.50 and pocket size £6) if you want to add something extra to the present. It seems unbelievable the cost of the annual is only£9.50 when bought from the Dog World stand at LKA or £9.50 plus p&p (£5) from the Dog World shop at www.dogworld .co.uk or phone 01233 621 877.
You will all be chuffed to bits it has been confirmation that Adrian and Simon have kissed and made up and Tom is to be awarded a Blue Peter DW gold badge.

Happy Christmas shopping everyone and look forward to seeing you at LKA.