11 May 2018

To give you a little heads up of the forthcoming shows for the The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club. The clubs Open Show on 17th Nov 18, will be held at St Mary’s Hall, Solihull. The judge will be Mr Doug Johnston (Dourhu). Doug’s late wife Ruth would have been so proud of this day. Next years Championship show is on the 20th April 19 at the KC Building Mr David Guy (Donzeta) will be judging the dogs and for bitches it will be breed specialist Mrs Lynda Woodrow (Lynflyer) the referee is Mr Stephen Bardwell (Stewell).

The Open & Agility Show Fun weekend will be on 20th/21st July 2019 at the Muskham Rural Community Centre Notts. The 2019 Open Show will be on 16th Nov. Both these shows the judges are yet to be announced.

For those that perhaps do not receive the newsletter from the club or haven’t ventured onto the clubs website I thought it would be informative to read and digest the criteria for the clubs annual awards. Perhaps during the year this will help you can keep a tally for your four paws points. I have attempted to get the leader board for the 2018 points, I thought it would be good for everyone to see and take pride in their achievements but as yet that has not been forthcoming. Certainly next year, I would hope the Papillon Club committee would consider making the leader board common knowledge to all its members and interested persons.

Annual Awards Criteria taken from the website. The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club Annual Award points are calculated from wins at Championship Shows between 1st January and 31st December. Trophies are awarded at the club’s Championship Show. TOP DOG. (The Shimna Trophy) 1 point for every CC won. TOP BITCH (The Elendil Trophy) 1 point for every CC won.

TOP WINNING PAPILLON. (The Ringlands Trophy) Dog or Bitch gaining most points. In the event of a tie for Top Dog, Top Bitch or Top Winning Papillon, Res CC wins will be counted, if there is still a tie, Best of Breeds will be counted.

TOP PUPPY. (The Kuruso Trophy) Puppy gaining the most Best Puppy in Breed awards during the year. VETERAN DOG OR BITCH. (The Jan Roosens Trophy) 1 point for each class win and STUD DOG and BROOD BITCH
Accumulated by each progeny to a maximum of 20 points per progeny – 1 point for each win, 2 points for a CC, 1 point for a Res CC. (Note: Winner of CC would gain 3 points, Res CC 2 points if also winning it’s class but just 1 point if Res CC awarded to 2nd in class.)

In the ‘poorly corner’, please send your get wishes to Carole Hatch who has had a fall. After visiting A & E it was discovered that a flake of bone has come adrift in her foot and also there may be a possible torn tendon. Thinking of you Carole and hope things improve very soon.

Keavy McGrath is calling all UK Agility Papillons. She wants to find any members to run for our Papillon Agility Team for the Crufts Qualifier at Wye Valley on Sunday 3rd June. Contact Keavy on Facebook if you can help and want to join in the fun.

Hope your Bank Holiday was a good one whether you were just relaxing or at the shows. Please send me your results so we can let everyone know your news.