11 September 2015- Dog World

Up with the lark and raring to go, sometimes to tell a little white porkie is okay, isn’t it! When trying to wake the dogs up at 3am they didn’t shake a whisker and looked at me in total disgust, as if to say, “Are you for real”. The bonus at this time of the morning is that there is sparse traffic on the roads, well I mean who would be so stupid to be up at this time of the morning, except for the crows who always expect right of way on the motorways. Bagpipes in our ears and passport at the ready we headed north and even the sat nav was enjoying itself and took us the scenic Edinburgh route. My protest to go right at the roundabout fell on deaf eyes, as the sat nav is always right, so Glenn tells me. Well it was pretty, up hill and down dale through quaint villages and we saw cows, sheep and even ferrets crossing the road so who can complain as long as you have the travel sickness tablets close by. Eventually we hit civilisation and a road with white lines; I’ll tell you it was a joy to behold.

The car park at the venue has been much improved from years gone by and a tarmac walk way. Much better than before when trying to catch the trolley on the way down as it bounced two foot in the air or coming to an abrupt emergency stop because you’d negotiated a stone bolder under the wheel. Have you ever tried to turn the wheels on this surface as it is like manoeuvring a shopping trolley when the wheels are out of balance? Then when a shopper looks at you, you mutter apologetically “Sorry the trolley has a mind of its own”, go on own up, who’s said that? But everything comes with a cost and the car park charges seem to creep up every year, it used to be pound coins given over but no it’s paper money now, a fiver. This is not the societies fault as they have no say on the charges but be positive at some point in the future, we the exhibitors will have complete ownership, tongue in cheek!

As usual the weather can do what it wants as we are undercover in the Highland Hall. You get a cheery welcome as soon as you step into the hall from Robert Dunlop looking very official with clip board in hand

The structure of the hall resounds the sounds, vibrating to ear muff levels in the hall, to the point the four paws can’t hear what you are saying; you know that when they shout back at you “What are you saying”. We were treated on a number of occasions to the Hounds Choral Vocal Choir as they joined in enthusiastically for a Songs of Praise rendition, even though it wasn’t a Sunday. The rings are of a good size and easy locatable and there is always a committee member on hand to help, should the need arise.

All breed judging commenced at 9am and on this occasion it was the turn of the Min Pins being first in our allocated ring, therefore the Papillon judging did not start till midday. Breed specialist Mr Jim Ness (Chappell) was in charge of the proceedings with the help of a very able steward, our very own Mrs Joan Savage. So, as you can imagine with this in mind everything trundled along as smooth as silk. Mr Ness arrived looking smartly attired in suit and tie and ready for the job in hand. He went over the dogs thoroughly but kindly and gave everyone an opportunity to put their best foot forward or should I say best paw forward.

By conclusion of the judging the principal winners were found as follows; DCC / BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, who then went on to take a very creditable TGP3 under well known all rounder Mr Peter Jolley. The Toy Group was held first at this show and took us a bit by surprise as the Toy Group is usually held last at most shows. BCC was Holly Bradford’s Rozamie Je Ne Sais Quoi with Mary Whitehill handling. Ted and Mary must have been very proud grandparents, as this was Holly’s first UK Champion. Congratulations also to the breeders Joe Magri and Kevin Arrowsmith. RDCC was Connie Letch’s Conysluck Mr Pickles with Irene Buckley-Waters handling. RBCC was a delighted Ken Fulton with Kazkell Celtic Dream at Kenf, congratulations also to Steve and Karen Maskell the breeders. BP with a lovely happy smile was Angela Skelton and Ann Fraser’s Bonmeshay Lady Charlotte Of Adnamashan.

It was so nice to meet up with faces that we hadn’t seen for a while and spend time with them.

North Wales Toy Dog held their Open show the same weekend as SKC. With the shows clashing this year I was truly sorry to have missed this event. It is a lovely show, in a good venue and always a friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately at the last minute the venue phoned Julie Sparrow, who is the clubs secretary informing her that due to unforeseen circumstances the date had been double booked. So with hasty preparations the rear car park was allocated as the show site. The venue had offered a marquee and chairs; I really hope the weather stayed fine for them. What a nightmare to deal with the night before show day. A breed specialist was judging Papillons at the show, Lynn George-Evans (Jorgealin) and I hope she thoroughly enjoyed her day. She found her BOB to be Carol Lees Farleysbane Firefly at Lafford who then went on to take a creditable TGP3 under Mrs Sue Smith (Sueacres). Next year hopefully SKC and North Wales will not weekend clash in the calendar and we will be able to have a day out at this lovely show.

Take care on the roads. City of Birmingham to report on next week, let’s hope it is not raining it is a long walk to the hall, wellies at the ready.