13 February 2015 – Dog World

Susie and Margaret Orchard had a super day at Duchy Canine Society Limited Show under Colin Wills. Kissable De Costalina at Panspayon ShCM (Imp Bel) was awarded TGP3 and their youngster Panspayon Be My Angel finished the day off nicely taking TPGP2. Very well done both of you.

Brian Lees secretary of the Papillon (Butterfly) Dog Club is putting out an appeal for potential Committee members. Here’s a chance for paid up members of the PBDC to come along and join in helping to run the Club. The club holds two Open Shows and one Championship show each year. There are up to four committee meetings and the club has a presence at both Discover Dogs events representing our lovely Papillon breed.

Being on the committee can be hard work at times but very rewarding. Nomination forms are available for you to download from the web site www.papillonclub.co.uk . If you think this is maybe something you would like to venture into get your proposals to Brian as soon as possible so they are ready for the clubs AGM on March 15th 2015. Existing committee members and officers are looking forward to meeting some new faces with a common interest in our lovely breed, the Papillon.

A reminder also that since the rule changes agreed at the last AGM (19 April 2014) and approved by the Kennel Club 30 July 2014 the positions of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are rotated over a 3 year period. The forthcoming AGM (2015) will see the Chairman’s position open for election, 2016 will be the turn of the Secretary followed by the Treasurer in 2017. Any proposals for these posts should be submitted to the Hon Secretary at the appropriate time.

Sam Tydeman secretary of the South of England Papillon Club lets us know that the Open Show schedules for the 3 May 2015 are now available on Fosse Data. The judge for the Open show is breed specialist Doug Colyer. This show you can enter on line with Fosse data. . The club decided to use Fosse for this show as there will be a change in the person who usually accepts the entries (i.e. Sam) after the AGM and, as she haven’t got a crystal ball to tell her who will be taking over, it was felt that this was the easiest way to get the schedules out in good time. Sam will send schedules out to everyone who entered the last open & champ shows, unless you let her know that you won’t need one.

Fosse Data brings news that the Papillon entry for Crufts is 257 / 286 dogs. The break down of first entries dogs 128 for the dogs and 129 for the bitches so pretty much a split number. So it looks like our judge Mr Roger Chaston will have his work cut out. But I am sure our two brilliant stewards Mr Eddie Bishop and Mr Evans will keep the ball rolling along smoothly throughout the day with peace and harmony. Just three weeks and we will all be heading for the 8am start at Crufts, best not thought about really, thinking positive thought of no rain, ice or snow. There you go sorted it’ll be a doddle.

Until next week good luck at whatever shows you are attending and don’t forget to let me know your news.