13 November 2015 – Dog World

The Papillon Clubs Joint Championship Show, hosted by the Papillon (Butterfly) Dog Club was held at The Royal Court Hotel in Keresley, Coventry. Such a considerable amount of time and effort had been given to ensure this show was one to be remembered. The Chairman Mr Alan Bartram, the clubs secretary Mr Brian Lees and all the committee had worked tirelessly, right down to last detail. So many people contributed, committee and exhibitors alike gave their all, by helping with sponsored gifts. Royal Canin also sponsored the show with their brand of food.

Well, where do I begin? I think firstly by mentioning each and every person that was a part of this memorable show. It is a long list, but please be patient as everyone deserves the recognition. Apologies if I miss anyone, it is not intentional.

To give you an idea of the scale of generosity on offer, a vast amount of trophies that were won outright were donated as follows. BIS / RBIS John & Ann Cooper, BPIS Carol & Brian Lees, RBPIS Melanie Mann, BOS Liz & Alan Bartram, BPHIS Jill & Ian Terry, BVIS, Debbie Goodwin, Best Junior handler The Papillon Breed Council and Valarie Lockhart, Junior Handler 6-11yrs Karen Maskell and Junior Handler Helen Taylor. The Papillon (Butterfly) Dog Club also donated to the DCC, BCC, RDCC, BPD, BPB, RBPD, & RBPB trophies. Valerie Lockhart also had beautifully crafted gifts. Special money prizes for the class placements all donated by the Papillon Club. BIS & BPIS received a commemorative Chopping Board/ Cheese boards donated by Paw Print and a beautifully embrooidered cushion donated by Trudy Lockhart. Medals were on offer to all class winners donated by Ann & John Cooper. Papillon Goodie Bags for the class winners with gifts donated by Barry Medforth, Kingshaven Papillons, Heather Aitken, Sally Grice, Carol Lees, Eileen Roberts, Caroline Lee-Slater, Sue Victor, Hub International and the Club itself. The rosettes were luxury beyond words and this was achieved by the help of the following folk for the rosette sponsorship. Irene & Glenn Robb, Marie Moss, Mandy & Dave Thornton, Carol Hatch, Valerie Lockhart, Penny Robins, Lynda Woodrow, Jane Allsop, Susan Lanson, Elizabeth Cochrane, Mary & Tede Whitehill, Ann & Alan Richardson, Gordon & Cathy Urquhart, Irene Buckley-Waters & Connie letch, Heather Aitken, Karen Diprose, Lynne George-Evans, Caroline Lee-Slater, Pat Munn, Susie & Margaret Orchard, Rosemarie Hobson and Mrs & Mr Stanmore. When collecting your envelope for your ring numbers and catalogue inside you found a pen and key ring all with the Papillon head study that were on the placement cards and chopping boards. The head study had been kindly sent by Kate Sharples of the Genesia Kennel, Australia. So as you can see this was a joint effort for the joint show and it will be a show that will be remembered for many years to come. Well done everyone and I know the Papillon Club were so appreciative for everyone’s generous input.

The club stall had their stand with many super items to purchase, Eileen Roberts and Penny Robins had a good array of doggie wear and toys available and Gordon & Cathy Urquhart had their Hub International stand on show with plenty for all to spend their pennies for Christmas or general grooming products. A Butterfly jacket was on offer as a raffle and also the main raffle had a considerable array of prizes to be won. A 3d picture was on offer too, Karen Diprose was the winner and I am sure she must have been delighted.

Overseas visitors were at the show and it was nice to see Sharon Newcomb & her daughter Elyse Vandernolen from the Clearlake Kennels present. Well respected Di Johnson also paid a visit at the ringside.

Many people had stayed the night previous to the show and made it a weekend away. The hotel was clean and tidy and the room the show was in was large and well lit. On entering the room it looked superb. The club must have been over the moon with the entry of 243 dogs and it was super to see that it was not only a show but a very special, social gathering of people with one main love, Papillons.

There were two judges for this show, Mr Espen Engh (Norway) for the dogs and Mrs Jenny Scovell (Caswell) for the bitches. Mr Roger Banfield (Kingshaven) was to act as referee and judge the Junior Handling and Best Fringes in Show. The two judges’ decision was their own for the final decision of BIS and RBIS. The day went smoothly along in both rings with the help of the able stewards who kept everything moving along nicely.

After a long, but enjoyable day the final results were as follows: Many congratulations to BIS/DCC Lesley Morton & Lynda Woodrow’s Ablazzor Harlys Wild Echo at Lynflyer, RBIS / RDCC Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, BOS/BCC Anne Borg’s Petress Dark and Daring, congratulations to the breeders Teresa and Peter Cullens. BP Sue Victor and Emma McClaughlin’s Farleysbane Frilly Filly handled by Katriona Milroy, Victor & Mclaughlin also took the RBCC with Lafford Kandy Floss (Breeder Carol Lees) and handled by Caroline Lee-Slater. RBP Liz & Karen Anderson’s Northlyte Genesis, BVIS Pat Munn’s Ch/JAP/IR Ch Smile Line Cover Girl Immortal Gene and BPHIS Jo Davidson-Poston & Karen Farrell’s Multi CH Magnolise Tiago for Spinillons (imp USA). Mr Roger Banfield awarded Callum Thornton Best Junior Handler in Show and Best Fringes to the BPHIS.

So a good day was had by one and all, congratulations to the Pap Club for organising such a brilliant show, one they can be very proud of and exhibitors will remember for many years to come.

No championship shows in the month of November for Papillons. For those that are attending the Open shows, good luck and have a brilliant day wherever you may be. Please let me know your results either on Face Book, email or phone. Everyone always wants to know about your successes.