14 August 2015 – Dog World

Motorway madness or bucket and spades are on the agenda for the next two shows. Paignton and Bournemouth for exhibitors is one or the other, as many take their caravans or motor homes making a holiday dog showing fortnight. As I speak, this year the weather hasn’t been too favourable and at Paignton we all experienced intermittent downpours. At the moment here in Cheshire it is pouring out of the heavens, where has Mr Sunshine gone? Once again the sun umbrella is gathering dust and I am going to have to look at the info to remember how to assemble, if it ever gets out of the carry bag!

Paignton is a long journey for mid Englanders and a marathon if you live even further north of the Border. Paignton for us is a long way but motorways all the way and then two miles at the exit turn off and you arrive at the venue, even a services at the exit, so all is good.

Good car parking available and for this show we are in the hall, so whatever the weather throws at you, it is not an issue. The hall is somewhat dark, maybe the black floor doesn’t help give a light airy feeling but the ring is generous in size. Not a tremendous amount of trolley space around the ring or in the grooming area, we got there early at 8am but all the spaces were already taken so we headed for the benching. As long as you had a sat nav that could register benching codes I suppose finding your allotted benching would have been easy. The Papillon benching was half way up the BIS ring area, which was a considerable distance from the Papillon ring. For knee high to a grasshopper like me, as long as I stood on the benching I could sort of keep abreast of what was going on, however you didn’t get the social atmosphere of the Pap ring being that distance away.

Our judge for the show was to be the well respected Mr Lee Cox of the successful Vanitonia kennel. A first time judging appointment for Papillons on this occasion and he arrived at the ring looking immaculate and ready for the day ahead. Mr Cox went over the dogs in a gentle manner making the dogs happy with their table experience. On the floor, every opportunity was given for the exhibitor to show their dogs in the best possible way, this was a noisy hall and for some dogs it took longer for them to settle. He gave clear directions and each exhibitor knew exactly what was expected of them, which is a considerable help to ensure harmony between the exhibitor and dog.

The principal winners for the day were as follows. DCC / BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. We were delighted whenTravis then went on to take a creditable TGP2 in a strong TGP line-up under Mr Frank Kane. BCC was a thrilled Mary Whitehill handling for her granddaughter Holly Bradford with Rozamie Je Ne Sais Quoi. RDCC Joe Magri & Kevin Arrowsmith’s Rozamie Depeche Mode and RBCC went to Sue Victor’s Lafford Kandy Floss with Caroline Lee-Slater handling. BP was a delighted Jon & Sue Caton with their import youngster Never Let Me Go Forussi at Henrix (Imp). This little one then went on to a glorious win taking TPGP1 under Mrs M Purnell-Carpenter. Congratulations to the class winners and principal winners. It was a fabulous day for the Papillons, with the Pap flag flying high.

The South of England Papillon Club held their Championship Show a few days before Paignton . This year the judge was Mr Philip Shirley (Cordonrouge) who had travelled from sunnier climes for this appointment. Unfortunately I haven’t received many snippets from the show, so not a lot of information except for giving you the results; however I am sure the usual friendly hospitality of the club was on offer to everyone.

The principal winners were DCC / BIS Pat Munn’s Smileline Silenzio Sunshine Garsiv, very well done Pat you must be thrilled. BCC / RBIS Irene Buckley-Water’s Sempefidelis Dulcine. RDCC Taylor’s Bankshill Lord of the Rings is Purepixie, RBCC Wells & Brown’s Metamorphic Delivered, BPIS Sue Victor’s Farleysbane Frilly Filly, BV Pat Cox’s Ch Wish Upon A Star Over Tricianbri and BPHIS Sue Morrell & Thesbina Teague’s Ch Temelora Forest Nymph. Miss Nadia Angharad Al Bazi judged the Special Awards and the Junior Handling. For the juniors Nadia gave the overall junior handler of the show to Eleanore Taylor.

At Welsh Kennel, Toy day being Fri, 21st Aug, Mr Ted Whitehill (Amicae) has a good entry of 91/100. Judging commences at 10 am in ring 25. Then at SKC on Sat, 29th Aug Mr Jim Ness (Chappell) has an entry of 79. Min Pins are first in the ring with 33 entries. Paps are in ring 6 in the Highland Hall and judging commences at 9 am for the Min Pins. It must have been very disappointing for the original judge Mrs Debbie Gornall who was unable to judge at this show and our thoughts go out to her, she must have been so looking forward to her first time giving cc’s in Paps.

That’s it for this week folks, happy motoring and enjoy your showing, that’s what it is all about.