15 April 2016 – Dog World

Thought this was important for all dog lovers to be aware, it was posted on Face Book. It is written in its full entirety. Kyley is perfectly healthy but got up on Tuesday morning with no feelings in hind legs. By Thursday was completely paralyzed from the neck down. After several vet appointments, I ended up taking her to a vet neurologist. I was told she had a brain tumour and there was nothing that could be done. I left the vet with Kyley to take home and make her as comfortable as possible. Mark and I were devastated. Our baby was dying. I had a hard time believing that a brain tumour could cause this paralysis in only 72 hours. After researching I read an article about ‘tick paralysis’. I immediately texted Mark from work and told him to search Kyley thoroughly. A tick was found. I called neurologist and they totally dismissed our findings. 
 Within four hours after tick was removed Kyley was able to hold her head up. Twenty four hours and she is up and walking around and playing with toys.
 This is a very rare tick disease, only common in Australia. But it is here in the Isle of Wight and it got our Kyley. While at the neurologist two other dogs had similar conditions. I can only pray they read this and did not put their animals down. Kyley would have gone into respiratory failure had the tick not been removed. Once the tick is removed the animal or human will start to recover immediately. This affects children and adults also.

The South of Wales had their Open Show and had received a good entry of 88. Andrew Stewart was to take on the task of judging our lovely breed and had travelled from Bonnie Scotland he must have been delighted with his entry. Mr Stewart presented his principal winners with beautifully embossed Papillon candles and amazing rosettes in the Welsh colours with a hint of tartan thrown in. How kind is that, the winners must have been delighted.

Sue and Len Stanbury, Len is of course the clubs secretary have kindly send me in some snippets of the goings on at the show. The committee beavered away and transformed the hall with flags and bunting. If you wish to take a peek at their handy work and see details of the show go onto the clubs Face Book page or website, which is http://www.southwalespapclub.com.

I believe the Masterchef Len was busy in the kitchen, ably assisted by Irene Jennings and my Granddaughter, Kathryn. The food was paid compliment by all that were there and Irene had made some glorious looking cupcakes. Sue didn’t get a chance to sample during the day and is still sulking even though she says it was best for her waistline. Cupcakes….waistline, really does one have to choose, no contest! 

The principal winners were as follows. BD/ BIS Sue and Jon Caton’s Coffee Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix (imp POL), RBIS / BOS Gregory’s Skyvana Reddy to go to Tonkory, BP Sue Stanbury’s Inixia The Bee’s Knees, BV Jo Dvidson-Poston’s CH & IR CH Spinillons Saffire JW shCM and BPH Valerie Sparkes Pinkmead Delightful Eve. For the Junior Handling Ms Ellen Harvey took on the task of putting the juniors through their paces. BJH was Cerys Lewis aged 15yrs. Well done committee and exhibitors, it sounds to have been a super show.

Susie and Margaret Orchard had a great day at Exonian Canine Association Open Show, where Ger Ch Alex’ Eye Of The Tiger at Panspayon (Imp SWE) won TGP2 the judge for breed and TGP was Bethan Evans.

That is it for now. Safe journey to your shows and enjoy the four paws.