16 October 2015 – Dog World

Driffield and autumnal is the usual forecast for this show at Wetherby Race Course. In previous year we have been frozen, soaked to the skin or enough wind to blow away the cobwebs. This year, yes the grass was soggy with early morning dew, but then so have the last few show, so nothing new there. However as the day went on, the sun shined at Driffield, yes I did say sun without a hint of rain, stand back in amazement. So pleased for the committee who work tirelessly to put on a super show and this time of year and the weather turned up trumps.

For the show there are in/ out rings of a good size but due to the nature of the venue you have employ the navigation skills to negotiate plenty of divots. This is not only hard going for the two legged varieties but for all the Toys breeds. The larger dogs can stride out and cover the ground much easier than the little ones such as the Papillons, with their little feet. With it also being wet and the ground heavy, it can be very draining, bit like us walking up a muddy mountain. So, all credit must be given to our Papillons who coped really well, considering the terrain.

Lots of trade stands to have a look around and adequate catering to cover most folk’s choices. I do have a little giggle at the loos though. They are very clean and tidy but they are the variety that has the door open to reveal the décor to all and sundry. This year they were facing the Cavalier ring so as you bravely stride up the steps, you turn around to close said door and there you are facing the ring. It only needs flashing roof light on arrival and then a musical announcement for exiting to complete the picture. For anyone of the petite height frame or in other terms ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ you find your legs dangling aloft , leaving the only option to hurl yourself off the said appliance in the limited space available, being careful to keep everything intact as you land. If this is the first experience, you negotiate the flush mechanism with verve, glaring at said bowl. Only, as you put the toilet lid down does it instruct you, flush once before use, bit late then. Now to wash your hands you fumble at various points of the sink only then realising it is foot operated. Tippy toes is needed for a quick glance in the mirror, oh the joys of being diddy! Now for the last stand of the chapter. You brush yourself down, peer at the closed door, taking time to regain your composure. Open the door with a positive action, to engaging a happy face to the world, being careful not to make an idiot of yourself by slipping down the steps, then scamper off as quickly as you can, so you are not recognised. Go on, I dare you to be honest. They even came back to haunt me, when looking at the TGP1 picture that was taken, what was in the background, the loos!

For this show it was a special day for a specialist of the breed as it was a first time giving challenge certificates. Jane Thompson (Jhanakia) arrived looking smart and ready for the day ahead; she went over the dogs thoroughly, allowing plenty of time for the exhibitor to show their little ones off to their best advantage. The puppy dog classes were a little wet under foot but half way through the dog classes, we were able to show in the outside area in the sunshine, which was very pleasant.

The principal winners were as follows; DCC/BOB /TGP1/ RBIS Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. It was a fabulous day for the Papillon as a breed and we are so proud to have been part of it. The TGP judge was Mrs Raye Parry looking delightfully elegant in her outfit and the BIS judge Mr Jack Bispham, attired immaculately. The BIS ring was of football pitch size, or it seemed it. I must admit to cutting a few corners on a couple occasions to save energy for us both, with it all being on the same day. We left the venue at 6pm and with the 4am start it was a full on day for Travis, but he kept bright as a button and gave me, as Glenn was holiday, nothing less than 110%. As soon as he was in the car on his way home, his head hit the cover and he slept soundly all the way.

Sue Deamer from Scotland was thrilled to bits receiving the BCC with her little girl Grinsdales Sweet Caroline At Bankshill and for the RCC’s it was for the dogs Lesley Morton and Lynda Woodrow’s Ablazzor Harleys Wild Echo at Lynflyer, RBCC and BP went to Lynda Woodrow Lynflyer Winter Sparkle. What a fantastic day for you Lynda and Lesley, very well done to both the principal and class winners.   

Penny Robins brings news of activities for Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club, letting us know that the afternoon session of their Breed Specific and Hands On Seminar, for the 7th Feb 2016 is now full booked. However there are still plenty of places left for the morning session if anyone is interested in our lovely breed. Please contact Penny either by email or phone or on face book. The email is jaromapaps@btinternet.com or telephone on 01909479672. The club look forward to hearing from you. Also the clubs 2016 calendar is available from most shows or by emailing Wendy Sweetbrairs: wendy.waters@sky.com

Brian Lees is thrilled with the entry numbers for the Joint Show on Sat, 24th Oct at the Royal Court Hotel, Tamworth Road, Keresley, Coventry CV7 8JG. There is a super entry of 239 entries from 204 Dogs. In addition there are 35 NFC which includes the Puppy Walk for the 4 – 6 months.

Please remember the clocks go BACK an hour on Sun, 25th Oct. Now I get confused with this every year and surely I can’t be the only one. So thought I would sort this for once and all, with a little bit of info.

In the UK the clocks go forward 1 hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March, and back 1 hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October. The period when the clocks are 1 hour ahead is called British Summer Time (BST). There’s more daylight in the evenings and less in the mornings (sometimes called Daylight Saving Time). When the clocks go back, the UK is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Well I hope you are impressed with that, even I’m impressed with myself.

Wishing you all a safe journey to the shows that you are attending. Next week a double showing weekend to report on. Firstly, South Wales Kennel and then the following day again at Builth the South Wales Papillon Club hold their Championship Show.