16th June 2023 Papillon Breed Notes

West of England Ladies’ Kennel Club Society saw well respected Toy Specialist Mr Gary Thomas (Jonsville) judging our breed. The ring was situated in one of the halls and the day was a lot warmer than the previous year where everyone froze with strong winds.
The day went smoothly along with the help of the judges’ stewards and a spacious ring. Mr Thomas showed kindliness and calmness to both dogs and exhibitors giving everyone a chance that their four paws gave the best possible performance on the day.
The principal winners were as follows: BCC/ BOB and TGP3 Irene and Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Daddy’s Starmaker. The Toy Group judge was Mrs Jill Peak. Best Puppy Irene and Glenn Robb’s Gleniren Oops I Did It Again Sunshoo. Of course Glenn and I were thrilled that the girls had such a good day and the judge thought so highly of them.
Best Veteran spot went to Helen Walsh’s Jorgealin Moonstar at Purepixie. DCC a very excited Susie and Margaret Orchard taking their second DCC with their German Import Nightfire’s Be Unique in Style at Panspayon (Imp Deu). Congratulations to his breeder Yvonne Weber. RDCC Kirsty and Evan Ryan, Kathleen Roosen’s Ch U Knock Me Off My Feet Daydream Believers with Feorlig (Imp Bel), The RBCC Kirsty Ryan, Kathleen Roosen and Jens Goessen’s Uppercut Daydream Believers with Feorlig (Imp Bel) JW.

Birmingham Dog Show held at the Staffordshire County Showground was a special year as it was the weekend of the Coronation. The committee had allowed the respected breeds to have tables for a Coronation feast. Chris Headley and Chris Anderson from the Papillon Club kindly organised everything and the table was brimming to every corner with goodies brought by exhibitors. A large TV and been put in place so on the day of the Coronation exhibitors could view the proceedings.
The committee always puts every effort into making this show the best. Stafford was transformed into a spectacular venue with green carpeted breed rings. The Best In Show ring looked amazing. Nick Gourley and all his committee should certainly have the loudest of applause from each and every one of us.
The show quite rightly so had received a bumper entry overall with the Papillon entry exceeding the usual numbers.
For this show it was a first time Challenge Certificate judging appointment for Mrs Elaine Waddington who is very well respected in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. Everything went swimmingly along and I hope the judge enjoyed her day with our beautiful butterflies and moths.
Mrs Waddington found her principal winners to be DCC/BOB Ryan, Mrs K F & Ryan, Mr E L & Roosens, Miss K) Ch U Knock Me Off My Feet Daydream Believers With Feorlig. Best Puppy /RBCC Irene and Glenn Robb’s Gleniren Oops I Did It Again Sunshoo. BCC/Best Veteran Helen Walsh’s Jorgealin Moon Star At Purepixie. Best Special Beginners Ann Meacham’s Jayberry Cheekie Chappie In Khanor. RDCC Jo Davidson-Poston’s Ch Ir Ch Nl Ch & Int Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser Jw. Congratulations to everyone.

Elaine Davidson sent me a lovely message and was so excited. She wishes to thank everyone who has supported CH Elmaraine Chasing Rainbows on his journey to becoming British champion and American champion with special thanks to Sharon Newcombe, Elyse Vandermolen, Liz Anderson, Peter Keirnan and Carroll Montgomery for their support and grateful thanks to Mark Whitehill, Ted Whitehill, Ann Richardson, Carol Lees, Angela Skeleton, Tim Ball, Mary Whitehill, & Estelle Kirk for thinking highly of Chase. Many congratulations Elaine on Chase’s wonderful achievements.

Take care travelling to the shows and enjoy your beautiful four paws and the summer weather. For those hot days remember to keep those four paws hydrated. Just a heads up if you haven’t come across this trade stand at the shows. We are currently using Doggyrade Pro with great results. It is a fast Isotonic rehydration + prebotics fluid and the dogs love it. Works so well if your little one drools when travelling helping to put fluids back into the body that they have lost, also helping to restore their vitality and energy. You know yourself if you are not feeling too good when travelling you feel pretty rough for a while.

Catch up with you all very soon. Please remember the new email address glenirenrobb@gmail.com.