18 December 2015 – Dog World

Open Show results this week as there has been a lot of activity in that field with good results. So, let’s start with the breed show at Scotland for the Papillon Club of Scotland where Elaine Davidson was judging the breed. The show was held at The Cochrane Hall in Alva and from what I have heard the weather was, well shall we say a challenge. Tea and coffee available throughout the day free of charge with also some delicious home baking on offer to fill those rumbling tums.

A lot of fun was had I believe, with a Christmas jumper competition being one of the highlights. Must say the pictures of everyone in their Christmas glory was lovely to see, congratulations to Anne Macgregor for the ultimate Christmas prize of the day a scrumptious box of chocolates.

The principal winners for the show were Karen Smith’s Papplewick Penhaligon at Adinaken shCM who took the coveted award of BD/BIS, RBIS Sue Deamers Grinsdales Sweet Caroline at Bankshill, BP Mary Whitehill’s Graycaz Chill Your Boots (taf) and BV Helen Broadhurst’s Temelora Tianna at Thistlemist .

On the Merseyside front Valerie Lockhart had a successful day at Wirral KA as she took a super TGP4 with Rozamie Dream Chaser with Chetruda under Mrs Ellie Mordicea who judged the breed and TGP.

Christine and Aidan Foynes took a trip to Stockport CS where their youngster Lafay Petite Etoile took a very creditable TPGP3. The breed judge was Louisa Henry (Trinzy) and TG judge Brenda Fleetwood (Abbyleigh). Also congratulations at this show to Rachel Wright with Tinklebury Hurtle Myrtle who took TVGP and then went on to BVIS under BIS judge Mr. G Clarke.

Next up to Penrith DCS where Mr David Anderson (Nisyros) was judging the breed and Mr Jerry Robertson (Azrams) judging the TGP. Here Susan Lanson was cock-a-hoop as her youngster Lanson’s Cantoverde Lady In Red had a marvellous day taking TGP4 and TPGP1.

Lynda Woodrow at Otely CS had another great day taking TGP1 with Lynflyer Winter Sparkle. Breed judge Raewyn Dowsett and TGP judge Mr Brian Lees.

Sue Stanbury at Truro DCS had double joy taking TGP1 with Inixia Saucy Sam and TPGP2 with Tykkydewas Bailey’s Cream. Breed and TGP judge Mrs Raye Parry (Gwynsias). Sue then mirror imaged the results the following week at Exonian CS under Mrs Barabara Boot (Barotoba).

Congratulations to all of the folk above and well done for keeping the Pap flag flying high.

Well as I write this issue for the breed notes LKA is looming at a fast rate of knots, just can’t believe we are now approaching the end of the 2015 showing season. LKA postman at the ready and Christmas frolics to boot, lets all have a brilliant day, with lots to celebrate for each and every one of you in individual ways.

A thought spared for the poor folk in the Cumbria area, trying to cope with the devastating floods that we have seen on the news. Heartbreak is too little a word, if any doggie people are involved I hope things improve and that you are all safe, both two and four legs. It is very hard for us all comfortably sat in our centrally heated homes to realize the scale of endurance that has to be mustered up to cope with this situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

From me, special Christmas wishes to all our Papillon exhibitors that may be a little under the weather at the moment. May the New Year bring nothing but renewed health and happiness and the prospects for 2016 are shining bright for you.

So excited, next week Santapap is here, I hope you’ve got your name is on Santa’s 2015 ‘I’ve been a good bunny list’. Chill, have a brilliant time and let those energy levels reach their highest point to be ready to begin another New Showing Year. I will meet up with you next week between wrappings and tinselling; make sure you have enough Sellotape, blue tac doesn’t work!