18 November 2016

Northern & Eastern Counties Papillon Club held their end of the year Open Show at Carlton Village Hall, Goole after a last minute change because of a double booking for the usual venue of Thorpe Willoughby. Breed specialist judge Mrs Ann Stevenson (Jemina) had received a lovely entry of 85 dogs making 113 entries, this she must have been extremely pleased with.

Have received a few snippets about the show through the grape vine and how nice it must have been to be greeted with the choice of either a free tea or coffee on arrival. Sponsors supplied a mountain of food, so all tums by the sounds of things were catered for. Mrs Valerie Lockhart had generously donated a beautiful gift for BIS and the club supplied the puppy walk gifts. So it sounds like a fun day for all those that attended.

N&EPC over the years have always extended the most generous and friendly atmosphere at all their shows and the committee work tirelessly to provide the best they can for the exhibitor.

For this show the principal winners were as follows; A thrilling day for Lesley Morton and Lynda Woodrow as they took the prime position of BIS with Ablazzor Harley’s Wild Echo, also Christine & Aiden Foynes must have been excited with their RBIS with Lafay Petite Etoile. BPIS went to Carol Lee’s youngster Farthinghall Wizadora at Lafford and BV Liz & Alan Bartram’s CH Burghbridge UR Solid Gold Skyvana JW shCM. Congratulations to everyone and the committee for putting on a successful show.

Lynn George-Evans had a super day at Liverpool KA as her homebred Jorgealin Moon Magic ShCM went on to take a TGP2. The judges for the breed and group were Jeff Horswell and Robert McLeod.

Brian Lees the secretary of the Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club would like to extend an invitation to PBDC members to suggest names of people they would like to see given the opportunity, by way of the clubs annual ballot, to judge one of their future shows. At the next AGM they will be announcing the result of the ballot for Open shows in 2018 and the Champ show for 2020 and they want to give members the chance to submit names to be included on the ballot due to go out very early in the New Year. Please put your suggestions in writing (email or otherwise) to Brian by mid December. Brian’s address is 109, Nightingale Crescent, Birchwood, Lincoln, LN6 0JR, Lincs. Make sure with the wet and cold weather upon us, you wrap up warm and snuggle up close with the four paws by the fire.