18 October 2019 Breed Notes

A cold Builth greeted us all for the double showing weekend at this venue for the South Wales Papillon Club Championship Show on the Saturday and SWKA Championship Show on the Sunday. This year we were in the annexe not the goat shed. I think we would have turned into blocks of ice in the goat shed! However the annex was a tad cold too and as the day went on you found yourself shivering from head to toe, deep breathing and telling yourself repeatedly ‘you’re not cold’…. believe me, it didn’t work. Not an easy venue for the club to create a single breed show atmosphere that perhaps we have become accustomed to over the years. I suppose times are a changing which is sad because the social interacting at breed shows used to be unique and special amongst the exhibitors. The ring was of a good size but the slope on the ring was always going to make it a challenge to find level ground for standing. Irene McManus was the judge for the day and I am sure as the day went on she must have been very cold. With us having to return to Builth the very next day we headed home after the dog challenge was completed. Our thought were that it was more important to sort the dogs at home and let Jenson relax at home rather than spending extra time in the show trolley. Also by that time our teeth were chattering!

The DCC and BCC winners for the day were as follows. DCC / BIS Kirsty Miller and Evan Ryan’s CH Feorlig Smarty Pants JW shCM and BCC Mary Whitehill’s Papmar Moonlight Missabeat . Congratulation to you all and when the full results come through from South Wales Club I will include everything in the breed notes.

Returning to Builth for SWKA it was another cold and wet morning. The trade stands were in one of the sheds so at least they were undercover (except for the roof leak!) which made a more pleasant shopping experience. I was well happy as Dorwest Herbs had their 2020 show diaries for sale on the stand. So, one was firmly placed in my mitts to bring home. If you have never used one, it is a must, so hot foot over to their stand at Midland Counties before they all go.

This year the Papillons were in Hall 4, the good thing is we managed to park the car on hard standing as I noticed certain areas for the cars were a tad muddy! I have to say Builth halls certainly get a ten from me for impersonation of an ice box, it was warmer standing outside than in. There was a good sized ring with plenty of grooming areas available. For this show Mr Robert Dunlop of the well respected Habiba affix was taking the helm. He carried out his appointment with a calm professionalism manner and was always caring to every exhibitor making sure all the four paws were given a chance to show themselves off at their best.

The principal winners for SWKA were as follows. Today exciting celebrations for two youngsters just leaving the puppy classes now entering junior school in the junior class. Each celebrated their second challenge certificate. DCC / BOB a very thrilled Irene and Glenn Robb’s Gleniren Who’s Your Daddy who was also shortlisted in a strong TGP under Joy Jolley. BCC A delighted Mary Whitehill’s Papmar Moonlight Missabeat. BP Sue Morrell’s Temelora Andi Get Your Gun also taking a shortlisted in the TPGP under Peter Clifton. RDCC was Gill Breen’s Amicae Highland Glen and RBCC Gordon and Cathy Urquhart’s Blackpark Patricia. Congratulations to all the class and principal winners.

Please give a thought to Gordon and Cathy Urquhart who are going through a truly difficult time at present. We all so guilty of taking each day for granted instead of treasuring every moment. My thoughts and love are with you both.

Winter is well on its way so please take care on the roads when the clocks go back at the end of the month. Those dark early mornings and nights are upon us once more. Good luck to everyone going to Midland Counties enjoy and have fun.