19 May 2017 – Dog World

Birmingham National Championship Show is a show that year after year pulls out all the stops to ensure the exhibitors have an organised well constructed day. I am sure this year was no different and we were disappointed not to have been unable to attend. Unfortunately no snippets of the show have come through other than the principal winners. Mr Stephen Goodwin was taking on the task of judging the Papillons and his principal winners were as follows. DCC/BOB Mrs Gregory’s Skyvana Reddy To Go To Tonkory JW, DCC Sharp-Dixon, Reyes and Lynn’s Afterglow Adonis For Queenslake, BP Wilkinson’s Lafford Inspector Morse In Poppywood. RDCC Miller’s Feorlig Smarty Pants JW, RBCC/BV Davidson-Poston’s Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW Sh.CM. Congratulations to all the principal and class winners.

Jim Ness’s celebration of his life was held at Kirkcaldy Crematorium on Wed, May 10th. The room was packed to capacity and a joyous celebration it was too, Jim would have been smiling from ear to ear. A huge turnout of friends and family from all walks of life were present, it was so lovely to see such a presence of the Papillon fraternity showing their respects for a loyal Papillon devotee.

The service was conducted by Neil Dorward, he was amazing, bringing a sense of the’ fun Jim’ to us that we all knew and loved. He spoke of funny life stories, of which were many, that had everyone giggling and smiling. He brought a unique atmosphere that the man Jim was very much in the room with us, sharing and enjoying the stories too, although I guess, not very happy that he couldn’t get a seat as they were all taken.

It was a joyous celebratory day and Hilary, Jims partner Wendy and all the family should be so proud to have given Jim the perfect send off, one he so richly deserved. Afterwards everyone went back to Jim’s local at the Chapel Tavern where the family had laid on marvellous refreshments giving the opportunity for folk to reminisce and chat amongst friends. It was a truly memorable day, spending a moment in time, remembering a lovely man. Your loved ones, Jeanette and butterflies will be embracing you with open arms Jim.

Jim was due to judge Papillons at SWKA this year and the Kennel Club website shows that the judge for this show will now be Mrs Margaret Bunce (Adurni). Please amend your diaries accordingly and we hope Mrs Bunce has an enjoyable day judging our butterflies and moths.

Take care on the roads and most of all enjoy your showing. First and foremost, that is what it is all about.