19th April 2019 Breed Notes

UK Toy Dog which is held at Stafford is one of my favourite shows of the year. The committee who work so hard to make every moment a special one for the exhibitors. The BIS ring as usual looked pristine and the day certainly from the exhibitors view point went along like a well oiled clock. This day was an exciting time for Glenn, Carolyn and I as we were exhibiting after a six month break so we were looking forward to getting out and about to meet our friends that we hadn’t seen for a while, which was so enjoyable. Our six month on the day puppy was making his first outing into the show scene and Jenson an offspring of Travis took every second in his stride, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying himself immensely. Life is so much more relaxed and fun when they have this attitude of enjoying the exploration of new things and places, he was so excited meeting and greeting everyone. We were delighted that as a raw baby and the youngest there he was awarded Best Puppy Dog. So we all came home very happy bunnies and delighted with his performance. Our thanks to the Papillon judge breed specialist Sophie Langdon.

The Trade Stands were a plenty and displaying many items professionally to challenge the purse strings! The Papillon ring was in the in the Prestwood Centre so it was a more relaxed and spacious area for all present, rather than being in the hustle and bustle of the Main Hall. A lovely spacious ring area with plenty of space to make sure everyone showed off their exhibits to the best advantage.

The Papillon judge for the day breed specialist Sophie Langdon arrived promptly on time, looking smart and ready for the day ahead. On the table she was very gentle and caring to each four paws brought before her and all exhibitors were given every chance to walk their dogs in the manner they wished to do so.

The principal winners for the day were as follows. Congratulations to Sue’s daughter piloting her four paws Inixia Follower Of Fashion to DCC/ BOB owners Broughton and Stanbury’s. Congratulations to BP / BPIS Magic Sunrise Believe In Me (Imp) owned by Caroline Lee Slater and Mrs C Kewley. What a great result for our breed under BIS and BPIS judge Jill Peak. BV Chris Anderson’s
Hilsorg Marks Amelia At Pappretty and Best Special Beginner Marsden’s Panspayon Eye Of The Day. BCC Kirsty Miller and Evan Ryan’s Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW Sh.CM who also took the RDCC with CH Feorlig Smarty Pants JW Sh.CM. Ken Fulton had a lovely day taking the RBCC with his import Milbu Warlock At Kenf (Imp) JW.

For the Open Shows there have been some great results. St Agnes Canine Association, Susie and Margaret Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon ShCM won Open, and Panspayon Gold Fever won Graduate, and then went onto BOB at just 14 months old. The judge was judge Ms Carrie Russell-Smith (Haneirwg/Angeol).

Mandy, Dave and Callum Thornton had two good open show results with Milbu Ciciobello at Shevid (IMP LVA). Taking at Saltburn & DCS BOB/BPIB/TGP4 and TPGP4 under Dale Hick and then at Birtley & DCS BOB/BPIB/TPGP2 under Margaret Mulholland.

I will miss this man so much he was a legend of the dog world. Mr Terry Nethercott’s funeral will be held at 12.30 p.m.on the 25th April 2019 at Breakspear Crematorium, Ryslip, Middlesex HA4 7SJ. Would anyone planning to attend please contact Terry’s neighbour Aline who is organisin everything on: elliottaline59@gmail.com.No flowers but donations can be made in Terry’s name to the British Heart Foundation.
Donations can be made online via the funeral director’s website: www.avsmithandsons.co.uk

Britt Marie Hansen wrote a wonderful tribute to Terry from Windsor Championship Show. It was so moving so I have included in the notes as a tribute to Terry. Thank you, Britt Marie for writing such lovely words.

I think all the affectionate tributes to Terry Nethercott have spoken for themselves. He was someone every dog person could relate to. 

We will miss him especially at Windsor where he had been a committee member and latterly a vice-president and my last memory of Terry is of him seated near the exhibitors’ entrance, resplendent in his strawberry jacket, with a kind word for everyone and in turn everyone made a beeline for him to say hello. He knew everyone and everyone knew him. 

I think I’m right in saying that his background, like that of many dog people of his generation, was in the equestrian world. So too was that of the late Vandy Williams, herself daughter of a famous Pekingese breeder, and I think she, along with Adele Summers, re-established the Toydom Pekes at the same time as Terry started the Sunsalves, his affix deriving from a great show jumper of the day. 
His first champion was Hi-Jinks, bred by Beryl Prior of the Sungarths. But the dog Terry will be forever associated with was Ch Jay Trump of Sunsalve. In his tribute Andrew Brace has told the story of how Roger Stock of the Courthill Whippets had a Peke bitch of rather unusual parentage who won a CC quite young. In joint ownership Terry and Roger bred a litter from this bitch by a Toydom dog and the result was Jay, a glamorous dog who quickly gained his title and went on to sire more UK Peke champions than any other male, a record which still stands. 

There were other Sunsalve champions at home and abroad of which the best known was Ch Rosayleen Gaffer, bred by Eileen Newman, who won lots of CCs before going to America. 
A great many of the Yakee champions descend in the bitch line from Sunsalve Inspiration, bred by Terry. 

Whippets were another passion of Terry’s and he bred the exceptionally beautiful parti-coloured Ch Sunsalve Hollidaze of Hutaka, an all breeds BIS winner for Ann Beckett-Bradshaw. He also had Tibetan Terriers from Araki and co-bred champions including Ch Acquisitor of Araki at Tuckles. Birds were a great interest of Terry and his partner Eddie Hurdle and they kept an extensive aviary. Eddie was another lovely man, a real gentleman who was a regular steward at most of the Peke championship shows of which there used to be so many in the London area. It may be a cliché but Eddie was certainly Terry’s rock and things weren’t the same after Eddie died. 

Terry was of course a big man but it was amazing how gentle and sympathetic he was with dogs. The presentation and handling of his Pekes was superb. Toy dog people are always scared that a judge might be heavy handed but Terry was so kind and gentle when assessing the dogs, especially puppies, and you could tell that the dogs loved him. He came to award CCs in many breeds, and I’m sure was knowledgeable enough to have done a lot more. It was good that he had the chance to do his own group at Crufts. 
For such a tall, impressive man his dancing skills were legendary, so light on his feet, and many of us will recall his appearance on one of Cilla Black’s TV shows. 

He was genuinely interested in all breeds and could very often be found at all sorts of open and championship shows watching breeds far beyond the toy group. 

He was very good to some of the senior figures in the dog world in their later years, such as Gladys Dyke and Audrey Dallison. In turn we must all be grateful to those who have cared for and visited Terry during his illness and kept him in touch with his beloved dog world.

Thank you Britt- Marie, another great ambassador has left the Canine world.

Enjoy your Easter break and may your eater bunnies of the chocolate variety, be many! Unless you at Weight Watching and then enjoy dreaming of what might have been!