20 April 2018

A favourite show for all the toy breed enthusiasts is UK Toy Dog held at Staffordshire Showground or better known to many as Bingley Hall. Tom Mather and his band of loyal committee members always put their heart and soul into making into a special occasion for all the exhibitors. This year I went along with Carolyn Roe for a pleasant social day out and browsing the trade stands which I felt maybe appeared a little depleted this year. I must say it was lovely watching the various breeds strut their stuff from the ringside without having to rush back to the show trolley, enjoyed immensley chatting with many folk and chilling out, quite novel really.

For this years show it was breed specialist Caroline Lee Slater (Graycaz) that was judging our breed in the Prestwood centre. A super sized ring with ample space for grooming. Over the years there is always a good entry of Papillons at UKTD and many new puppies usually make their first appearance in the show ring. Always exciting to see the little ones take their first steps and try to visualise what their future may hold over the up and coming months.

The principal winners for the breed were as follows. DCC /BOB Kirsty Miller and Evan Ryan’s Feorlig Smarty Pants JW Sh.CM. I believe this was the magical third cc, so many congratulations. BCC a delighted Sophie Langdon’s Shadowknight Ebony Rose Of Skyvana. Sue Stanbury’s had a lovely day taking BP with Inixia Ever Ready Eddie and BV with Inixia Delightful Dan JW Sh.CM. For the RCC’s the RDCC went to Liz Anderson’s Ch Frasermar Storm In The Snow and the RBCC Estelle Kirk’s Iotastar’s Forever Autumn At Kirkchase. At UKTD they hold a Toy Special Beginners Group Maxine Waller had a super day taking TSPGP2 with Lilnrose I’m A Lovebug. Congratulations to all the principal and class winners.

South Wales Papillon Club held their Open Show where Evan Ryan (Cavalli/Cavllibrook), took the helm for the day. I believe Len Stanbury once again showed his expertise in the refreshments area keeping everyone fulfilled and satisfied.

The shows winners were BIS/BB Sophie Langdon’s Shadowknight Ebony Rose Of Skyvana. RBIS/ BOS/ BV Sue Stanbury’s Inixia Delightful Dan JW Sh.CM. BP Dee Olaf’s Tarnock Runaway Ruby who also took RBP with Tarnock Rock n Roll Rene, BMP was Sue Stanbury’s Inixia Ever Ready Eddie. Lastly Best Phalene Sue Morrell’s Serenglade Leap of Faith for Temelora. Kirsty Miller was judging the Junior Handling and she found her best junior to be Kathryn Sellick who is 16 years.

On the Open Show front Karen and Steve Maskell are having a fabulous run at the shows. At Dunstable & District under breed judge Rachel Wray their youngster Kazkell Milo’s Dream won BP and then went on to win TPGP1 under LeilaTarabad. This was this little ones second Toy Group win in consecutive weekends, also winning the MP class at UKTD. Congratulations you must both be so proud.

Rosemarie Hobson was also bursting with pride as her youngster Kenzo who is just sixteen weeks old passed his Good Citizen Puppy Foundation.

News from the Kennel Club regarding Single-breed CC Judges to pay only £10 per annum under new Judge Licensing Scheme, 10th April 2018

Judges who award CCs in a single breed and do not aspire to judge any further breeds at any level will pay only £10 for a yearly judging licence under the Judges Competency Framework (JCF), the Kennel Club has announced.

This latest move has come about following extensive feedback received by the Kennel Club over the last year at Question Time events and JCF question and answer sessions led by Kennel Club committee members and staff. Previously, it had been announced that all judges under the JCF would have to join the Kennel Club Academy at the annual fee of £26, irrespective of the number of breeds they judge or aspire to judge. Under the latest plan, a new licensing scheme is to be introduced for all UK judges.

A single-breed CC judge paying the £10 licence fee who later decides that they wish to judge more than one breed must apply to the Kennel Club to pay the higher tariff. In both cases, full access to the growing range of educational resources available online via the Kennel Club Academy will be a benefit given at no extra cost to licensed judges. This will include the opportunity to take and pass the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge exam every five years.

The Board has been able to make this announcement following a change in how the IT system for the JCF will be developed. In January, the Board agreed to invest in a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to replace the existing databases and the IT for the JCF will become part of this project, thereby offering significant savings in terms of both set up and running costs, with upgrades being easier to implement. Both systems will enable Kennel Club services to become more modern and customer focussed.

During the many question and answer sessions, concerns had been expressed about the potential loss of single-breed CC judges from the show scene when the JCF eventually begins, which is why the Kennel Club is pleased to now be in a position to offer the £10 concession rate to these judges. Their knowledge and experience represent a very important part of the British pedigree dog scene which is vital to the future development of breeds and the next generation of judges.

The online JCF system is now due to go live in the second half of 2019 instead of in January. Breed clubs are still able to hold their educational events as soon as they have appointed their breed education co-ordinators and the results of any seminars held under the new code of best practice will be accepted under the JCF criteria as well as mentoring and observations held after the breed education co-ordinator meeting in July.

As a consequence of combining the two IT projects, the previously announced requirement that all those starting out on their judging career must be licensed at JCF Level 1 or above by 1st January 2019 has been put back to 1st January 2020. This is a positive benefit for judges and provides a longer lead time for show societies which wish to appoint new judges.
Simon Luxmoore, Kennel Club Chairman, said: “The Kennel Club is aware that there has been much comment in some quarters about the idea of all judges paying a £26 fee, which is why, following the merging of the CRM IT and JCF projects, we are pleased to be able to pass on the estimated cost saving. The feedback also referred consistently to the introduction of the £26 cost of a licence to judge and therefore it was agreed to introduce this concept going forward as many seemed to be accepting of this.

The merging of these projects will mean that the transition period will not begin for the JCF until 2020, but that does not mean that preparations are not going ahead as planned as far as the JCF is concerned. A good number of breed appreciation days have already been held and many more are planned. Breed clubs are appointing their breed education co-ordinators and are keen to move this project forward. All of that can continue. With positive feedback received, and the ‘Eye for a Dog’ assessments this April being fully subscribed, this will ensure that we are in a very good position when the JCF IT system finally goes live.” Updated FAQs for the Judges Competency Framework can be accessed at www.thekennelclub.org.uk/jcf-faqs.

In the poorly sick corner; Helen Verity has had a few visits to the hospital lately, get well soon with the treatment Helen and I hope you will have a spring in your step very soon. Jean Banfield had a fall and has a painful three cracked ribs, ouch! No laughing Jean or sneezing for a while for you. To anyone else that is under the weather at the moment get well soon, we are all thinking of you.

WELKS entry of Papillons is 101/111 dogs and the judge is Tony Allcock MBE.

If you have any results please let me know as so many people want to share your successes with you.