20 February 2015 – Dog World

Short and sweet this week as there is not of news lot to report. However on a happy note I am pleased to say that news has come through of the lovely Anna McKnight of the so very well respected Daneview affix. Anna had been under the weather recently but after a course of antibiotics things are not as worrying and Anna continues to improve day by day. That is really good news and here at Gleniren Sunshoo we are delighted.

I am sure Anna would love to hear from her Papillon family and it would really make her day special. If you wish to send a card or letter the address is Blythe Country House Home, Spital Road, Blyth, Worksop, Notts, S81 8DU. Get well soon Anna we are all thinking of you.

Sandra Austin brings news of Pat Smith (Pinelan). Things are still difficult at the moment and improvement hasn’t been good. I am sure all of the Papillon fraternity wish her well and are saying a prayer for a speedy recovery. Please keep us updated Sandra.

For those of you residing in the southern area it may be of interest for you to know that Sue Stanbury has started a Table-Tops Training and Social evening in her local village hall in Sowton village. It is not a large hall but brilliant to start your social training for shy little ones or socialising a puppy. The puppies get a chance for some table training and getting used to having strange hands going over them. Sue is starting it on a month’s trial period. So if you are living in that area please support her, it is a brilliant idea and will be of a great benefit to your four paws. Have seen the pictures of the first nights training and it looked super just wished I lived closer. I am sure Sue wouldn’t mind you giving here a ring on 1392369759 or contact her on Face Book for times and dates of the training.

This is something a little different but thought it was interesting. Dogs are no longer personal property but living beings under the law in France. Nearly 700,000 signed a petition against the 1804 law that categorized pets as “movable goods” such as tables and chairs. The change to the law gives 63 million pets more protection against cruelty and brings the civil law in line with the penal code. The vote occurred in the national assembly on Tuesday night still has to be approved by the Senate.

Former education minister Luc Ferry signed the petition and said the Napoleonic legislation was “absurd”. He said, “No one has ever tortured a clock. Animals suffer, they have emotions and feelings. It is not a question of making animals subjects of the law…but simply of protecting them against certain forms of cruelty.” The changes also means that couples can contest custody in a divorce and claim compensation for suffering caused to a pet accidental injuries. People will also be allowed to leave their inheritances to their pets.

Well I will leave you with the saying ‘The Best Is Yet Come” yes folks Crufts is nearly here, how exciting level is bubbling!