22 December 2017

Happy Santapap Christmas everyone, during these last few days for the run up to Christmas I am sure the list of ‘to do’s’ is getting progressively longer. Either the wrapping is getting near to expert level, or if not, like me you’re getting yourself sticky plastered with Sellotape. Whatever your Christmas may bring, I wish you joy and happiness and your festive holiday is merry and bright.

Travelling to Glenn’s the day before LKA, Oswestry resembled a skating rink and at one point I was very nearly spending the night in Morrisons car park! Apologies for not writing breed notes last week but owing to Glenn’s house being under 5 – 6 inches of snow and looking something out of Lapland and then having to return the next day to LKA this delayed my return home, I hurriedly wrote the notes on my return but unfortunately the deadline was missed.

Papillons have been having success at open shows recently, which is really good news.

Susan Lanson at Liverpool Kennel had a good day taking BOB and BPIB with her youngster Cantoverde Royal Chyna, The little ones brother Cantoverde Captain Casper also won his class. There was a replacement judge at this show who was Mrs Carol Carlisle.

At Stroud Open Show Dee Olof and Sue Morrell had an exciting day with Sue taking BOB and TGP3 with Purepixie Swish and Flick and not to be out done Dee took a BP and TPGP4 with her homebred Tarnock Runaway Ruby the judge for both the breed and TGP was Avril Cawthera-Purdy. You may have been cold at the show, as I hear it was freezing but bet you were wearing the biggest smiles on your way home ladies!

Southport & Birkdale K. The judge was Ken Morgan-Stanley (Golbourne). BPIB was Houghton’s Angel Sings The Blues, BOB Jackie O’Brien’s Jorgealin Mandalay For Nachi, RBOB Foynes & May, Lafay Grand Prix.

Accrington & DCA there was a change of judge as breed specialist Lynn George-Evans was unwell. Hope you are on the mend now Lynn. Keith Bladwin took over at the last minute and I am sure he did a sterling job. Here Rosemarie Hobson’s took BOB with Grinsdales Gigalo at Rosenjon.

Next, taking us down south to Marsteg in Wales for the Toy Dog Of Wales the exhibitors were as warm as toast and all cosied up in the venue. Here Susie & Margaret Orchard had a good day with breed judge Trevor Loader taking BOB with Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon continuing their success with a TGP4 under John Blewett. On returning home they were greeted with the news that a photo that they had submitted for the West Country Dog Club Photo competition had won overall. Congratulations on both counts.

At Maghull & Merseyside there was a good entry of Paps. Lynn George-Evans had a great day with her youngster Jorgealin Indian Magic who at seven and half months went BOB and BPIB in breed under Judge Steve Harrison. The day got even better by then going on to TG4 and TPG2 under judge David Shields.

The Papillon Butterfly Dog Club of Scotland held their Open show, which I believe saw another successful show under their belt. Always a hospitable atmosphere up in Scotland, I believe the highlight of the day was the lunchtime Christmas outfit competition with two legs and four-paws strutting their way down the mats. What a lot of fun that must have been, with plenty of giggles I am sure. People really got into the spirit by bringing dog costumes. Therefore the club decided to have the Xmas jumper competition for the ones with two legs and then a prize for the dog costumes. It was pleasing that several of the clubs pet owners managed along to the show, some of them have provided a safe haven for rescue dogs and had entered them into the beloved pet parade. The idea was simply to let them strut round the ring “like the professionals” and both dogs and owners seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. The club stand was there with all its wares, willing you to get those purses open.

The show is held at Cochrane Hall, Alva with the hall being situated at the bottom of the very beautiful hills just outside of Stirling. What a fabulous setting for scenery and dog show.

For this show, Breed Specialist Melanie Mann (Melangel) was taking the helm and I am sure she thoroughly enjoyed her special day. She found her principal winners to be. BIS/ BD Liz Anderson’s Ch Frasermar Storm In The Snow, Liz also took BVIS with Ch/AM Ch Clearlake Clovis At Northlyte, RBIS/ BOS Laura Mandelson’s Maridova Victoria’s Dream Honrukia JW (imp), BPIS Mary Whitehill and Pat Urwin’s Pararottsie Talk The Talk, RBD Pamela Taylor’s Adnamashan Craiglang For Pamhurst, RBB Sue Deamer’s Grinsdale Sweet Caroline at Bankhill. Best Junior Handler Kyle Davidson.

The clubs next show is their Open Show which again is held at Alva on the 24th Feb 2018 and Breed Specialist Kirsty J Wells will be the judge. There will also be a puppy walk and Pet Parade. Elaine Davidson the clubs secretary and the hardworking committee wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas story, after all, Santapap is on his way and all the four-paws are so excited they are fit to burst. So sit down, relax with a fresh coffee in hard and dream away making Butterfly Paw Prints in the snow. To set the scene, it is Christmas Eve and snowing, so let’s take steps into the magical world of Santapap.

“Yippee woof woof” Jessica shouted jumping high in the air, all four paws off the ground. Jessica with her sister Jenny had snuggled up close to Mamapap last night. Ears pricked with eyes shining bright as they lived every word of the Santapap story…….Gazing out of the French windows she watched the snowflakes gently cover the ground to form a glistening white carpet. Closing her eyes tight she tried hard to remember every detail of Mamapap’s magical story. And so it began… Santapap had worked overtime to make every present on his Christmas list. Now they were packed into the sleigh. So much so, that the brightly coloured sacks were bulging at every corner.

Relaxing into his red velvet chair by the bright cosy fire Santapap sighed, “Oh well, one last cuppa before I go”. Taking time to polish each shiny S.P button on his jacket, he twitched his whiskers and cocked his head in bewilderment. Looking puzzled at the very last present request on his list. BUTTERFLY PAW PRINTS FOR SEBBIE, LOVE ALEX xxx. “Well Alex, we’ll have to see what we can do”.

Pulling on his Santa hat, taking care not to ruffle his fringing he made his way to Rudolf’s den shouting, “Its quarter past the butterfly hour, time to go Rudolf”.

Rudolf, oh where is that animal, he’s never on time. These days reindeer transport is so unreliable. “Come on Rudolf, stop filling your face with more carrots than your mouth will allow. It’s time to swirl the wind and float like a butterfly, we’ll have a weight penalty if you eat any more!”

Gliding between twinkling stars, snowflakes fell making shadows of silvery images on the ground below. “Oh dear this does nothing for my ear fringing, wet weather makes them so frizzy, maybe the wind will keep them dry”.

Santapap’s sleigh circled over Alex’s house and piloted his landing to perfection. He often wondered if Easy Jet had a part time summer job available.


Meticulously casting his coal dark eyes over the entire garden, there in the corner stood a golden bush in all its glory, not a trace of snow on the leaves. ”Ah I see, the puzzle is solved”.

Santapap reached deep into the sleigh producing a yellow satin box with S.P, engraved in gold dust on the lid. The box glowed with rays of sunshine as the lid opened. For a single moment the snowy world stood still and hushed as a beautiful golden butterfly flew from the satin box. It twirled and danced touching the snow gently towards the golden bush. Wings fluttering on landing, the bush cast rays of golden sunshine across the snow. Magically the bush quivered and shook until a quizzical butterfly head peeped from beneath. Shaking himself he trod carefully the butterfly’s path, leaving paw prints in the snow.

“Hello Santapap, I’m Sebbie. I got lost in the snow last night whilst chasing Marmaduke the cat, and then couldn’t find my way home. I was so cold and tired I lay down for a rest, I’m so glad you found me.”

“You silly butterfly, you had better say thank you to Alex, it was his warmth and love that saved you”, replied Santapap.

“Never lose Alex Sebbie, he’s the best friend you’ll ever have, treasure him like a golden butterfly.

With that Santapap swirled to the night’s sky, waving goodbye.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas not only to exhibitors in our lovely breed but extended to all four corners of the canine world, whatever sector that may be. 2017 has been fun and 2018 is waiting on the horizon to be even better. Have the merriest Christmas.