22 January 2016 – Dog World

Boston DCS Championship Show kick-started 2016 into the show calendar. For the time of the year the weather was kind, I remember very clearly past years when there has been ice and snow, but not this year just dry and chilly. Celebrations were in store for the club as this was their tenth anniversary. The club has come a long way in a relatively short time, starting with just six sets of cc’s to now 21cc sets awarded. The entry was up by 400 dogs and the Papillon judge Mr Michael Quinney must have been very pleased with his super entry.

The East of England Showground is a good canine venue with all the amenities that the exhibitors desire. The car park is hard standing so no traipsing through mud and mire, ensuring the dogs stay clean and tidy. You were met at the entrance to the hall with a cheery smile and given directions to your ring. If you needed assistance during the day there was no missing a committee member dressed in their orange fleeces for some help and advice. The benching was numbered so this was a great help to find exactly where you needed to pick up your ring numbers. Next to the Pap ring were grooming areas, so you were given the best of both worlds.

The bulk of the rings were in the main hall arena, accommodating ten rings with trade stands along one wall. The adjoining hall comprised of three rings and later in the day transformed into one ring for the stakes, groups and BIS. The rings were of a good size and it was warm and cosy with a pleasant social atmosphere throughout the day.

Mr Michael Quinney arrived looking smart and ready for his day ahead, he was to be ably assisted by his stewards Rodney and Muriel Locksmith, who did a great job in keeping the ball rolling along smoothly. A good selection of puppies entered, twenty seven in all. It is always pleasing to see this as they are the future of the years to come. The day went as smooth as clockwork, Mr Quinney made sure every exhibitor was given the chance that their four paws performed to perfection.

Little did we know at the close of the Papillon judging that by the end of the show a Papillon would be flying the flag high for the Papillon breed. What an incredible day.

DCC/ BOB/ TGP1 and BIS Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. The TGP judge was Mrs Jill Peak and the BIS judge Mr Jeff Luscott. This was Travis’s second All Breed BIS the previous being at the same venue last year for East of England under BIS judge Mr Rodney Oldham. This is the first time a Papillon has taken BIS twice at an all breed championship show, so another sweet moment in history and his eighth TGP1 win. Toys were on the last day so it was a very long day as it was an early morning rise of 4 am for Travis. Bless his little cotton socks, he kept on his toes right to the end when the photographs were being taken well after 6pm. The four paws do know when they have done well, he was bouncing about full of the joys of spring when he was pulled out in BIS and that was just Travis, Glenn was beaming from ear to ear. I stood at the ringside stunned, transfixed with camera in hand not taking one picture. That’s me out of a job then!

Congratulations to the other principal winners of the day. BCC Sue Victor’s Lafford Kandy Floss JW, handled by Caroline Lee-Slater. RDCC was our very own youngster who is just twelve months and Travis’s son Gleniren Stardustmaker. RBCC Pat & Brian Cox’s Denemore Gabiscandy Floss at Tri Cianbri JW shCM. BP Jean & Roger Banfield’s MPB Jorgealin Cast a Spell for Kingshaven. Congratulations to all the principal and class winners on the day.

So, the next to report on will be Manchester at Stafford. Don’t forget to let me know your results up and down the country. We all want to hear of your success. Safe travelling and good luck at whatever shows you are attending.