24 November 2017

Hello Papillon lovers. How delighted was I when out of the blue a message popped up on the screen asking if I would consider writing the Papillon breed notes for OUR DOGS. Some of you will already know my background and know that I wrote the DW Papillon Breed notes for many years and readers joined me each week with coffee in hand musing over the Dog World Breed notes, catching up with news and events ahead. We had lots of giggles together and I hope we will be able to continue to do so in the continued light hearted banter we knew as the norm. It was always fun and you have my word it will continue to be so.

For DW I stepped into the very capable shoes of Mike Foster (Nouveau), I can tell you he was quite a formidable act to follow. Since then, for more years than I am going to tell you, it was an experience I enjoyed immensely. So I was deeply humbled by the OUR DOGS invitation and look forward to working along side Scott of OD.

As a show team we are Gleniren Sunshoo Papillons and Phalenes (with a cheeky little Pom and majestic Afghan thrown in the mix). The other members of the team are my son Glenn and Carolyn Roe. We have shown for many years enjoying our time with this fabulous breed. The four paws have provided the show team with dreams that we never knew existed, those dreams are also waiting for you, just ‘believe’ and it will happen. Absolutely thrilled to say the OD criteria for what I can include in the notes is much more relaxed and vastly different from the strict guidelines previously. So all your Open show BOB / BPIB can now be included, hurrah, it’s like winning the lottery, well almost. It always pained me that at times I was unable to report on those special moments for the exhibitor. At times I chanced my arm but usually the delete button was promptly addressed. Now listen up folks this is where you all come in, get fingers on the keyboards, pen to paper, smoke signals from the outer regions of far and beyond. I want to know all your scintillating news and snippets; we have a lot to catch up on. It doesn’t have to be only show result related, interesting snippets and items that you think may be useful for others to hear, are great content too. That is how we all learn and however much we think we know, there is always sometimes where we can say, “really, I hadn’t thought of that”. So get your skates on, put it on the ‘to do’ list, we need to get this train rolling. You can contact me by email: glenirenrobb@hotmail.com or mobile: 07564 496810. I always have to have your results or info in written form, mistakes then avoided.

Breed Club Secretaries. I would really appreciate if the breed clubs can send me all the special bits and pieces they are organising for the shows, this helps promote the show in advance and that is what it is all about.

Pick up your OUR DOGS next week and I’ll meet up with you when I will be back tracking a few shows for those of you that perhaps haven’t seen the results.

If you are showing enjoy and have fun that is what it as about. So, with duster poised in hand I am dusting off the Breed Note Red Box, let the fun and frivolities commence.