26 December 2014 – Dog World

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you are all having a truly festive time gathering together with friends, family and four paws. This is the time of the year that not only the two legged variety species throw the slimming plan out of the window but the four paws receive those special Christmas time treats. After all we have the whole of 2015 to put to rights the dietary blip, be positive it will happen at some point during the twelve months!

The showing calendar Christmas show LKA has come and gone and what a lovely show it was. A wonderful array of trade stands all sporting a Christmas theme and there was merriment galore from the trades’ folk with lots of banter in the air. There was a real Christmas feel to the show.

The ring areas were laid out beautifully with blue carpet for all the rings so the dogs looked at there best. The hall looked spectacular. The new hall location is so much better than previous years with a modern light, airy feel and to add a bonus the car park is so much nearer to the halls. So all taken into consideration a much better environment altogether. A big thumbs up from me anyway.

Nice to see everyone on the DOG WORLD stand, the day I was there Simon, Tom and Adrian were full of banter and Christmas cheer. Also a chance to pick up the DOG WORLD ANNUAL goodness it is even bigger and better this year, very well done on all your hard work. So at the next show pick up your copy it will keep you entertained for hours. If you haven’t seen them the Dog World Diaries were also available it has all the information that the exhibitor needs and they are available in two sizes. Mine is all marked up and ready to go for the coming year already.

For this occasion Mr Francis Yeoh (Yeosinga) was judging our breed, everything toddled along smoothly and Mr Yeoh found his principal winners to be; DCC and BOB he awarded to Sue Stanbury with Inixia Saucy Sam and the BCC Kirsty Wells with Wells and Brown’s Metamorphic Delivered. What a fabulous result for you both many congratulations on a super show. For the RCC’s it was to be Jane Allsop and Liz and Alan Bartram’s taking the RDCC with Conysluck The Red Baron JW TAF and the RBCC / BP Teresa and Peter Cullen’s Petress Black Magic. BV was Sue Morrell and Thesbina Teague’s Ch Temelora Forest Nymph JW. For the Champion Stakes we personally had a lovely time with Travis (Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo) taking 2nd place in a huge entry. What a lovely way to finish the year.

LKA this year was to be slightly different for us as we returned the next day with Glenn’s new baby an Afghan hound called Mr Ace who was making his debut at six months. Very strange experience going on another day other than Toy Day but the Afghan folk were most hospitable to us and for that we thank them. Glenn took Ace in the Puppy Stakes for experience which was a huge entry of 72 and we were delighted that he was shortlisted to the last seven and also qualified for Crufts. So we were all delighted with the day.

Just a little reminder; The Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club’s handbook that is coming out at Crufts please remember for your adverts the deadline is the 31st Dec.

Enjoy your Christmas activities and I truly hope Santapap has been good to you this year bringing lots of surprises and thrills along the way. May the New Year bring you all the joy, happiness and health. 2015 here we come let it roll!