26 October 2018

We had a lovely day at Tredegar & District Canine Society, held at a new venue, Abergavenny Leisure Centre. It was warm and sunny outside the hall, with lots of grass to walk the dogs.

Unfortunately, we had the only Pap’s entered, but they all showed well. Fever (Panspayon Gold Fever) won Graduate, beating Angie (Ablazzor Angel Of The North at Panspayon), and Lottie (Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon ShCM) won Open. Lottie won Best of Breed, but did nothing in the group, but Fever won Best Puppy in Breed, and then had a 4th in the Puppy Group. Thanks to our judge Marina Foley (Tamilay).

Hi Irene, please could you put in your notes that Lizzie Morley and Robert Hitchcock’s Elfuago Bombastic won Best Avnsc (10 entries) and Toy Group one at Northwich & District Canine Society Open Show, 10 dogs present in the group. Many thanks to the judge Lillian Poulton (Patchdown) The show was well supported in general although they were let down by several judges on the day. The toy judge was a replacement judge. A good atmosphere all round. A long day for us waiting for BIS though, we didn’t leave the venue until 6.35pm!!!

Free to a good home will come complete with a bundle of complimentary extras included. Training is at present on going, completely self willed, fully independent with a mind of its own. New owner must be strong willed and patient having a good supply of necessary cleaning up materials and calming remedies available. It is with regret (well, none be honest) that this option has to be taken, but circumstances are that this flu gremlin must pack its rucksack. Ten days past and it is still on full board and lodgings, enough is enough! Anyone else who has given open house to this said gremlin knows exactly what I am talking about. Just go and play in your own backyard. I apologise for there being no breed notes last week but as you can see I had a meeting with Germain gremlin.

So, let’s start where we left off and I’ll take you all on a ride to Builth, North Wales. Saturday, 6th Oct was a busy day for the Papillon exhibitors with two shows rolling in on the same day. The idyllic venue was the goats shed. Now, let’s be honest if anyone had said to you, let’s go for a freezing October treat day out, where we can enjoy standing in an open slated barn with doors that had a habit of staying open wide, which direction would you be headed? I guess for the normal human being, the cosy log fire but we Papillon folk are not at times the most logical. To say it was cold was an understatement and by the end of the day the chattering was from the teeth. Perhaps this is where Germain Gremlin had residence, who knows.

The rings had been split in two, one being for the South Wales Papillon Club Breed Championship Show. Sue and Len Stanbury with their loyal committee members worked so hard to make their fortieth Anniversary Show a success. The secretaries table which also included the raffle prizes was full to the brim. The special catalogue included all the pedigrees of the exhibitors present; I believe Susie Orchard played a part in making this possible. Margaret Urwin had embossed bags beautifully with the Welsh Emblem to contain the catalogue and a pen.

For this show Toy Specialist Mrs Rita Morgan (Rimor) was to take the helm for judging our lovely breed. Mrs Morgan entered the ring looking elegant and immaculate and conducted the day with the help of her able steward in a calm and constructive way. On the table she went over the dogs in a calm and considerate way and gave each exhibitor time to show their dogs in the best possible way.

The principal winners for the day were as follows. DCC with BIS was Irene and Glenn Robb’s Gleniren Stardustmaker Sunshoo. This was Dustin’s fourth cc following on from taking the magical third the previous week at Belfast. This was a consecutive BIS for Dustin, last year for 2017 he was awarded the BIS accolade under Pat Munn of the very well respected Ringlands affix. So a proud moment as Dustin who is a son of Travis has been shown so limitedly, waiting in the wings because of Travis’s busy show schedule. BCC and RBIS went to Kirsty Miller and Evan Ryan’s pretty little one Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW. Kirsty and Evan also took the RDCC with Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW shCM. Sue Stanbury had a lovely day taking BPIS with Inixia Luscious Lucy and also RBPIS / BMPIS witih Inixia Hot Sox. BVIS went to Jo Davidson –Poston’s Ch & Ir Ch Spinillons Saffire JW shCM, BPHIS Jo Davidson- Poston and Karen Farrell’s Multi Ch Magnolise Tiago For Spinillons (Imp USA). BDP/ BMPD Susie and Margaret Orchard’s Panspayon Prince Harry, RBDP Rosemarie Hobson’s Amicae Kenzo At Rosenjon, BVD Sue Morrell’s Temelora Bobby Dazzler JW. For the bitches; RBCC Lizzie Morley and Robert Hitchcock’s Jorgealin Indian Magic At Lizlanmor, BPHB Eileen Roberts’s Semievetik Dayana Divine Panspayon (Imp Rus). Mr Evan Ryan (Cavilli) judged the Junior Handling and he found Sian Osborne as his best Junior Handler in Show.

A note for your diary, Breed Specialist Mrs Michele Osborne (Tykkydewas) is judging the South Wales Open Show on the Sunday, 7th April 2019. The show will be at The Earlswood & Newchurch West War Memorial Hall, Earlswood, Chepstow.

With exhibitors bobbing from one ring to another, an hour after the club show commenced the ring adjacent was in readiness for the South Wales Kennel Association judging. Breed Specialist Mrs Hilary Joyce (Chappell) arrived for her judging looking slick and glam and ready to take on the butterfly and moth four paws. Once again as you would expect from a breed specialist there was a kindly calm and efficient aurora that was held during the judging. All exhibitors were given the opportunity to show their charges off to their best advantage. The stewards were well organised and thorough making sure that everyone was in the correct place at the right time, not an easy task with classes being run together for the two independent shows. There were a few clashes but that was to have been expected but the important thing all was resolved by the time the principal winners were announced. Cut within an inch of its life for the dash to the Toy Group, but full admiration must go to Mrs Joyce who did not loose her nerve and carried on in a calm manner making it work.

The principal winners for Mrs Joyces’s SWKA were as follows. It was to be a magical double, for both the DCC and BCC from the Breed Club Show. DCC/ BOB Irene and Glenn Robb’s Gleniren Shootin Stardustmaker and BCC Kirsty Miller and Evan Ryan’s Feorlig Wake Up Maggie JW they also took the RDCC with Ch Feorlig Smarty Pants JW shCM. Quite a day for both kennels. For the RBCC it was Ken Fulton’s Milbu Warlock At Kenf (Imp Lat). BP Miller and Ryan’s Feorlig Smart Cookie.

On the poorly front, get well wishes go to Carol Lees (Lafford) who is in hospital after a hip operation. I look forward to see you jogging around the ring in the very near future Carol.

Southern Counties gave the sad news that their chief steward Bill Bunce had passed away. Bill was such a lovely gentleman and our thoughts go to his wife Margaret and close family.

Watching the weather forecast last night the temperatures are set to drop next week and snow is forecast! So winter coats at the ready, wrap up warm and keep the four paws nice and cosy too. Good luck at your forthcoming show. Next week I have a flurry of Open Show results to bring to you, so keep them coming please. Until then take care.