27 November 2015 – Dog World

Open show news from around the seaside locations this week. At Torquay & DCS Sue Stanbury had a super day taking TGP3 with Inixia Saucy Sam and also TPGP3 with her youngster Inixia Cheeky Cherub. The judge on this occasion was Mr Alan Dredge (Alcavona).

At another seaside venue at Minehead & DCS Susie and Margaret Orchard continued their winning ways with their new import Ger Ch. Alex’ Eye Of The Tiger at Panspayon (imp Swe) taking a very creditable TGP2 under Mr Keith Baldwin (Nightstorm).

Blackpool & Fylde Toy Dog Show always put on a lovely show, friendly atmosphere with folk who have one common interest, Toy Dogs. The quaint Pavilion venue is set in the surroundings of a park, on a summer’s day, it is beautiful. Okay, move on it is now November and maybe a midge different. Fifteen minutes to reaching the venue the heavens opened. The venue is situated on the Lytham promenade and as the wind and rain swept across from the sea, you take your life in your hands getting out of the car. However quick or efficient you may think you are at manoeuvring the trolley out of the car, it all goes pear shaped as you arrive in the hall of the Lytham Pavilion looking like a drowned rat with water wings. But everyone is in the same situation, so we just smile and towels at the ready to wipe down. Papillons were first in the ring at 9.30am, so no time to lose at trying to get ones self looking fairly dry and attempt to look as if you haven’t come out of a sauna. Of course Dustin is warm, cosy and perfectly dry, you can see him thinking “Mother, what do you look like”! With being in the ring first, there is not much space to walk a puppy to get four paws on the ground, when it is definitely a no, no for a walk around outside. So with an energetic skip and jump we are out the starter block, fizzing with energy. A brick on the head might be a good turn of phrase at this point. But eventually mother took control and all became calm, well calmer. The judge for Papillons was Raewyn Dowsett who went over the dogs beautifully on the table and judged with a professional, caring manner. There was a super entry of Papillons, which was so pleasing to see and we all chatted away for most of the day. The show had a good quality entry throughout the breeds and there is always a buzz in the air. It is so nice to spend time at these toy shows, talking with others that you may only see from a distance at general Championship shows and only get chance to wave a hand in recognition that you have seen each other. So I do feel these shows have so much bearing on what should be valued in our hobby.

As the Papillons classes were done and dusted by 10am there was a long wait ahead, so I decided to go into the lovely café that the Pavilion provides. Facing out to the park on a summer’s day it would be glorious but today as the rain came down in stair rods, maybe this put another prospective on the outlook. However as time was on my hands I sat and people watched, how many of you enjoy doing just that? I had to smile as the couples that were out taking their dogs for a walk came in for some beverage cheer with their four paws. One Terrier was mud caked from the feet to the middle of its tummy, but was still a happy bunny and enjoyed the snack of some buttered toast. Another lady with a little black object, who was too bedraggled to distinguish what breed it was, snuggled up in her arms and I am sure it was very pleased to get inside. How nice it is that the dogs are allowed in the café, their only rule is that they are on a lead and are not allowed on the chairs. Way to go me thinks. So cheese on toast gratefully received and devoured I ventured back in the hall to watch some judging.

Blackpool Toy has a BOB parade before the end of the show. All exhibitors taking BOB enter the ring and are asked to do a circle of the ring then are presented with a certificate. What a lovely gesture by the club and a moment not to be forgotten for those that may not have been in this situation before. On the other hand, isn’t that nice for anyone new attending, a great incentive to strive for. Mrs Raye Parry was judging the BIS and BPIS and the rings were full on both accounts, so Mrs Parry had her worked cut out. She was dressed elegantly for the occasion in a pretty salmon jacket and brought some sunshine to the miserable weather. I was thrilled when little Dustin (Gleniren Stardustmaker) took RBIS and then went on to take BPIS a poignant moment for me as two years earlier his sire Travis (Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo) had done exactly the same. Beautiful rosettes and a huge bag of food, thank you. So out to face the weather once again, which by now rain was bouncing off the floor and there was certainly no chance of staying dry. But, I guess I went home on cloud, wet weather nine, so all was good.

Next week will try and get all the news from the secretary for you from the Papillon (Butterfly) Dog Club Open Show at Solihull. Mr Tom Isherwood will be the judge for the day. There is an entry of 92 dogs making 120 entries. This includes twelve in the Shimna Memorial Stakes Classes, eight in the Puppy Walk and six NFC.

Please send me your wins. It is always interesting to read not only about the exhibitors’ side but also the organisation by the clubs committee. These days the clubs need the help and promotion.

Take care on the roads as the weather gets colder and I hope the winds cease. We were unlucky to have a shed top come adrift and a beautiful Cypress tree in the garden down. I was not a happy bunny but it is the down side of having open spaces around you, when the winds gain momentum they use you as a playground.

Until we meet up next week.