27 September 2019 Breed Notes

Driffield Champion Show was one of those that we shall remember in so many ways. From starting in the morning for the journey, continual torrential rain ascended in torrents from Oswestry to past Leeds. In places the water lay on the motorway making driving difficult to say the least, especially when some not so awake drivers did not have eyes open enough to read the signs, ‘beware of suffice water’. Hence you were deluged with a waterfall when they passed at a fast rate of knots. Just passed Leeds it began to dry up and arriving at the race course it was grey skies but dry, phew.

The show was well laid out and most things were easily reached. Unfortunately numeracy for the bench numbers and breed rings were a tad interesting with many confused faces in search of their ring cards. The best plan was to go in the opposite direction to your breed ring! We benched in the Yorkshire Terrier section which was nearest to the Papillon ring and not surprisingly the Yorkies were not in our tent but BIS, yes confusing.

The toilet facilities I have to say left a lot to be desired, even at the beginning of the day. By the end of the show they were unimaginable, only those cross legged and desperate were brave enough!!

The rings were of a good size with in/out facilities and the ground was even with short grass, so full marks for this. People spent a lot of time by word of mouth looking for the stakes rings which changed from BIS, ring 15-13 and eventually 11. It all panned out eventually and all the stakes got under way.

By afternoon the weather came up north and torrential rain ascended and coming down suddenly in bucket loads. Glenn of course just prior had gone to pay a visit in show jacket. So to earn my good Mum award (points mean prizes) I pick up the umbrella and can be seen suspiciously loitering around the toilet area with the heavens opening. On the way back just as we reached the tent the umbrella collapsed with water everywhere. It must have given those watching a giggle for sure.

Mr Stuart Payne of the well respected Habiba affix was to be our judge for the breed and arrived looking smart and ready for his day. The judge gave everyone an opportunity to show their charges in the best possible manner and was kind, caring and considerate to both dogs and exhibitors. The principal winners for the day were as follows. BCC / BOB Estelle Kirk’s lovely little girl Skye, Ch Iotastar’s Forever Autumn At Kirkchase JW. Glenn and I are absolutely thrilled for you Estelle. DCC and BP Irene and Glenn Robb’s Gleniren Who’s Your Daddy. To say we were ecstatic with Jenson receiving such an accolade as a puppy would be an understatement. Both Skye and Jenson showed their socks off in the Toy group and Toy Puppy Group with both being shortlisted under Norma Inglis.

RDCC Mary Whitehill and Pat Urwin’s Amicae Timless Dream, RBCC Tom Isherwood’s Playboy Bunny For The Stagedoor (Imp) and BV Connie Letch’s Conysluck Master Pip. Congratulations to all the principal winners and class winners on the day.

Jenson also took a 2nd in the Junior Stakes under Mrs Raye Parry and a very creditable Best Puppy Dog for the Eukanuba Puppy Stakes under replacement judge Mrs F Kay. Only beaten for the overall day by Nick Gorley’s beautiful little girl who went on to win BPIS and winner of the Overall Puppy Stakes for Driffield. What a fabulous achievement Nick, huge congratulations.

Just to finish these notes with a smile. The groups were so late we left the show ground just before 7pm with still more finals to go. The rain ascended once again and the light was fading fast making visibility somewhat of a challenge for seeing the dogs in the ring. Suggestions were made that cars made their way to the BIS tent for lighting purposes and I suggested mobile phone torch lights on the dogs. Dog showing is certainly one activity that always brings a smile.

Take care travelling to the shows everyone.