28 April 2017 – Dog World

The Papillon (Butterfly) Dog Club held the first breed championship show of the year and it was Easter Bunnies all the way with it being Easter weekend. The show was held at the Kennel Club Buildings in Stoneleigh Park and as usual the hall was light and airy although at times a tad cold to the bones.

Glenn and I travelled down bright and early but there was very little traffic on the road as I think either most holidaymakers were either at their destinations or having a much loved Easter morning snoozes. On this occasion it was going to be a relaxed viewing day as Glenn was the junior handling judge and referee for BIS. Travis accompanied us for a day out as a spectator and also to pick up his Papillon Club Annual awards for 2016.

The committee had worked hard to ensure that everything was spick and span for the exhibitors arrival. Two generous sized rings for the Paps and Phalenes to strut their stuff. The trophies were all out on display for all to see, the raffle table was bulging with goodies ready for the taking and the club and trade stands appeared to be doing brisk trade all day long. Refreshments were on the go, plenty of grooming space with plenty of room to manoeuvre. So all the exhibitors were ready and all good to go.

First in the ring was the Junior Handling classes and Glenn Robb (Gleniren) arrived looking smart and summery in a beige jacket. The juniors looked equally smart in their various showing outfits and were a real credit for their appearance. For the 6-11yr class first was a very proficient young handler Isabella Cox aged 11yrs. She showed a calm and unobtrusive approach to her handling and looks to have a bright future in the dog scene. Second was Kara Mason who was celebrating her seventh birthday and did an excellent job and third was Niamh Nash aged nine who put on a good performance. For the 12-16 yrs first was Cerys Lewis aged 16 yrs showing a very tidy performance and second was Holly Bradford aged 14yrs equally showing her handling skills. All the juniors conducted themselves brilliantly and did everything asked of by Glenn who put them through their paces in a calm, concise but pleasant manner. The best Junior Handler for the show was from the 6-11yr age group Isabella Cox. Congratulations to them all, they did an excellent job.

Whilst the junior handling commenced in the bitch ring Mrs Sue Stanbury (Inixia) started judging of the dogs in the adjacent ring. Sue looking very smart in black trousers and multi coloured jacket. Following on from the juniors an immaculately dressed Mr Rob Sansom (Byermoor) took up the helm for his bitches judging. All went along like clock work with the help of the proficient stewards in both rings. Both judges went over their entries in a sympathetic manner allowing all exhibitors to put their charges with best paws forward.

Breaking for lunch it was time for the puppy walk. This class is a particular favourite of mine; it is always so always so enjoyable to see the youngsters having fun taking their first steps in the ring. This year there were nineteen youngsters keeping their handlers on their toes and on this occasion the red/ sables out numbered and were the dominant colour. Exciting times for their handlers and dreams to unfold as the year goes by. Christine Foynes (Lafay) went over the babies in a kind sympathetic manner as always. Funnily it was a reunion as three years ago she went over Travis as a four month old baby, his first time in the ring and there I was once again with a youngster with us both in the same situation for the puppy walk. A good omen I hope, judging on the journey we all went on with Travis.

This is a special show for the juniors as it is the Junior Handling Awards Ceremony. Points had been calculated and the winners later in the day were about to collect their prizes. This ceremony has a special meaning to me as I founded these awards and ran them for ten years with many proficient juniors reaching heady heights of success. Still today those talent juniors of then continue to do so today in many elements of the dog scene, that has to be a proud legacy for our breed and I am sure in the future will continue to do so. Glenn was pleased to have been asked to award the trophies, beautiful rosettes and goodies to each junior after the collective juniors had performed their walk around with their charges. Karen Maskell the Awards Administrator gave a commentary for each junior’s interests. Karen has done a marvellous job ensuring the juniors have the best possible, lots of goodies on offer for each and every junior present to show they all have a place at the shows. The juniors are our future, past juniors have shown that and we must always give the new juniors of today the best opportunity to nurture their skills and talent. One thing we must never forget as parents is the enjoyment and make sure we keep that very close to our hearts, it has to be fun.

Once I get a complete list of the winners I will include in the next notes. Disappointing to see there was no mention of the awards and the winners in the catalogue. In the past this had always been a priority, food for thought for next year, maybe?

Following on from this were the Clubs Annual Awards for 2016. Miss Ann Summerfield the clubs President was on hand to present the trophies and as always did a wonderful job. Ellie Mordecai the show secretary announced the winners. The winners were as follows; Top Papillon (The Ringland Trophy) and Top Dog (The Shimna Trophy), Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. Travis was there to collect his awards and was mega excited. Top Bitch (The Elendil Trophy), Alexandra Forth’s Ch Omegaville Make Me A Petitchien. Unfortunately Alex has had a serious accident and was unable to attend and collect her trophy, which must have been disappointing for her. We all wish you a speedy recovery Alex. Top Champ Show Winner (The Gracaz Trophy), Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, Top Puppy (The Kuruso Trophy), Jenny Wiggins’s Rozamie Monsieur Arthur of Scapafield. Top Veteran Dog/Bitch (The Jan Roosens Trophy), Sandra Austin and Jane Thompson’s Jhanakai Highland Destiny. Top Owner (The Monamie Trophy), Gleniren, Irene and Glenn Robb, Top Breeder (The Joan Brown Rose Bowl Trophy, Rozamie, Joe Magri and Kevin Arrowsmith. Top Stud Dog (The Miss Taylor Stud Dog Trophy & The Charthamcoombe Tristam Trophy), Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Nikolia Mania Sunshoo and finally Top Brood Bitch (The GreenhedgesTrophy & The Brood Bitch & Progeny Cup), Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Juniper Starmaker Sunshoo. Congratulations to everyone, these awards don’t come easily and are a credit to everyone.

A special day for Gleniren/Sunshoo as the Breed Record Holder Shield was to be handed over to Travis on receiving his 44th cc at UKTD this year. The previous Record Holder had been our Starlet (Ch Gleniren Starlight Kisses) who had proudly held the title for nine years taking it in 2009 with 43cc’s, Starlet very graciously handed over the baton to Travis. What an honour for Glenn, Carolyn and I, no words can explain the feeling seeing Gleniren engraved twice on the shield. A measure off the scale and one we hold with so much gratitude. Travis really enjoyed his jaunt around the ring, showing off as usual.

This is such a special award and I cannot go without mentioning the previous Breed Record Holder before Starlet who was Jenny Scovell’s Ch Caswell Coppelita. She held the title from 1988- 2009 with 39cc’s. All three Papillons have majestically earned their right to be in the Papillon history books.

Judges refreshed and fulfilled after a light lunch, the judging commenced once more. The principal winners were as follows; BIS/ BB Shown by the breeder Mrs Sophie Langdon Mrs J Gregory’s, Skyvanna Reddy To Go To Tonkory. Sophie also took BPIS with her youngster Shadowknight Ebony Rose of Skyvana. I guess the celebrations and cloud 9 feelings are still very much going on, huge congratulations on an outstanding show. BOS /BD Joe Magri and Kevin Arrowsmith’s Rozamie Monsieur Ruffles. RDCC Lisa & Chris Christensen’s Tresor’s Kings Valiant Lancelot (imp USA) handled by a delighted Liz Bartram. RBCC Langton & Moris’s Rozamie Look It’s Omegaville, BV Liz & Alan Bartram’s CH Burghbridge UR Solid Gold Skyvana JW SHcm , BPH Sue Morrell & Thesbina Teague’s Serenglade Leap Of Faith For Temelora and finally RBPIS was Sheila Wilkinson’s Lafford Inspector Morse In Poppywood. Congratulations to all the class winners and principal winners. Once again an enjoyable show was put on by the Papillon Club and the committee who worked tirelessly to keep things ticking along like clockwork.

Glenn and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with friends, relaxing and being spectators. Can’t remember the last time we did that, so it was really a nice day.

Have fun at the forthcoming shows and safe travelling.