29 November 2019 Breed Notes

At the Papillon Club Open Show Pat Munn kindly messaged me details that the club held a minutes silence and had a lovely picture of Cathy Urquhart placed behind the judges table. I am sure Cathy watched every moment of the proceedings for the day. It must have been comforting to many folk feeling her presence at the show. Congratulations also to Pat on taking a well deserved BIS, I am sure Cathy would have been very approving and have been cheering you from on high.

My thanks to Carol and Brian Lees for sending me details of Cathy’s very special day.

A good number of friends and family gathered at Reading Crematorium on Tuesday 19th November to say farewell to Cathy. Amongst those gathered were friends from the world of Papillons and a small contingent of Maltese enthusiasts. Naturally it was a sombre occasion; however a reading by Stuart Band lifted the mood a little as he recounted a number of highlights in Cathy’s life, often with humorous connections. He recalled Cathy’s love of the finer things in life, her clothes, jewellery, good food and socialising. Flowers were another of Cathy’s loves which was evident from the way her white coffin was adorned with images of pink roses and butterflies and topped with a lovely wreath of pink roses. Following the service, all were invited for refreshments at Badgemore Golf Club in nearby Henley where a lovely collection of photographs was on display. Images of her life within the dogs from the early days with Shih Tzus and Papillons to more recent ones depicting her beloved Maltese. Holiday snaps were also to be found taken on trips around the globe on cruise ships. Many happy memories were recalled and it has to be said that although she may be gone from us, Cathy will never be forgotten. Carol & Brian Lees.

At this time of year Kennel Cough can rear its head with a vengeance. These are the things to watch closely for. The timeline is 2-14 days, incubation period 7-14 days, symptoms usually last for ten days contagious after last clinical symptoms. The virus spreads just like a human virus. It is an airborne virus and spread through coughing, sneezing and contact of surfaces. Environmental irritants (Like pollen) may increase the likelihood of some dogs developing Kennel Cough.

Please, please if you suspect your dog is not 100% then do not risk infecting others by attending a show. There will always be an another show to attend but the outcome of the possibility a whole kennel going down just because you needed the fix of a dog show does not warrant you being there.

I really do think we should take a moment and think about our social media activities. Social media has its good points if used correctly but also on some occasions not so beneficial. I have seen many people deeply hurt by frivolous remarks that have been stated publically; in many cases the main aim is to take their enjoyment out of a glorious day. I personally have always watched from the wings, so to speak, but many times have been amazed that people lose all sense of good manners and excel in the category of rudeness. They perhaps wouldn’t be so brave without hiding behind the keyboard. Life is too short, the one gift, which doesn’t cost a single penny, is to be kind to each other and not judge others in a detrimental way. Happiness is something we all strive for and should be valued every second of the day, whether it is your special day today or someone else’s tomorrow. Being positive makes everyone feel so much better negativity needs to be ditched out of the window from a great height. A New Year resolution maybe for 2020.

Enjoy your shows with LKA looms means Christmas is just around the corner.