30 January 2015 – Dog World

We’re on a roll to Crufts. It always seems Crufts is that much closer when Manchester Champ show has arrived. Maybe that’s because there are no championship shows for Papillons during February so when leaving for home you are saying to everyone see you at Crufts. Certainly 2015 is chugging along at a fast rate of knots. The snow stayed away from the Stafford area and on reaching the venue it was cold but dry. However on leaving the sleet was coming down heavily. I believe exhibitors that ventured down from Scotland and the North East had a journey home that was not the best with snow being a huge problem. Hope everyone managed to get home safe and sound.

Manchester show is very well organised with everything in place and a bonus the heating was on so it was warm and cosy. I must say everyone must have been really impressed when taking a climb up the stairs to the veranda for some retail therapy. Trade stands meeting you as soon as you reached the top of the stairs adjacent to the restaurant, the place was humming with stands of every description. The person for organising the trade stands needs a very big pat on the back as the stands went all around the veranda with not a spare space visible. It really was lovely to see such a hive of activity, a mini Crufts in the making.

For this show the Papillons were situated in the annexe and the benching was in close proximity of the ring so plenty of room for grooming and being able to keep an eye on were the judging was up to. The ring was of a good size so all was looking good. The only criticism to speak about was that it was so noisy, certainly not the best venue for the slightly apprehensive dog of which a few four paws did struggle with the surroundings.

Before judging commenced a minutes silence was held for the passing of Mr Ted Fearnley. I have fond memories of Mr Fearnley as he gave Gleniren their very first Challenge Certificate many moons ago with Burghbridge Kervene. It will be remembered that the late Ellis Hulme and Ted Fearnley gave so much to the Papillon world whilst showing their famous Tongemoor affix and will be remembered in generations to come.

For this show we had Mr David Guy (Donzeata) taking the helm. A very well respected doggie person who has considerable success with his breed the Griffon Bruxellois and judges different breeds in the toy group. This was to be his first time awarding Challenge Certificates in Papillons so a special day I am sure. Mr Guy went over the dogs with a gentle kindness on the table making sure every exhibitor was able to show their charge off in the best possible light.

Nice to see Rosemarie Hobson at the show after her shoulder operation and I am sure she is very thankful to Aiden Foynes and others in helping her to make the trip possible. You certainly looked happy Rosemarie and hopefully well on the road to recovery, we look forward to seeing you at Crufts raring to go.

The principal winners for the show were as follows. BCC / BOB Tom Isherwood and Jenny Scovell’s Afterglow Adelaide, I believe this was her third to gain her title, very well done. DCC Julie Clint’s Ch Papplewick Preacher Man JW Sh.CM. It was a RCC double for Irene & Glenn Robb, RDCC Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo and RBCC with Ch Gleniren Kiss Me Kate Sunshoo. BP a delighted Amy Williams with Sunlight Vision of Ringlands. Jane Thompson & Sandra Austin looked thrilled to bits to take BV with their homebred Jhanakia Highland Destiny. Congratulations everyone.

For the Papillon folk that have been poorly sick recently our thought go to; Pat Smith of Pinelan Papillons who has been in the Intensive Care Unit of Leicester Royal Infirmary. Pat was taken in with pneumonia becoming very poorly and suffering a cardiac arrest. I am sure we all wish her our best wishes and to get well soon.

Peter Greiff (Philipalas) has recovered really well since his quad bypass on 30th October. He is now out of hospital recuperating at his sons’ house in Leicstershire for few days. I am sure he would be really pleased to hear from his Papillon friends, Peter is now on Facebook and can pick up messages so please take a moment to get in touch.

Roger Banfield (Kinghaven) underwent a throat operation and I am pleased to say he has come out with flying colours and all is well, so a very relieved Mrs Banfield I would say. Sending our love Jean and Roger and we look forward to seeing you very soon at the shows.

Take care everyone in the weather wherever you are as I know many have had so much trouble with the snow. Stay warm and be careful whilst travelling to any show.