30 October 2015 – Dog World

Two Papillon shows at the same venue in one weekend, both were held at the Royal Welsh Showground, Builth. Sue Stanbury the secretary of South Wales Papillon Club received news at the eleventh hour that the clubs original venue had been double booked. Sue, being the experienced secretary that she is, kept calm and organised the show to carry on the day after SWKA, at the same venue. What angels of mercy the SWKA were and the SW Pap Club committee and exhibitors alike are very grateful to them.

The first show of the weekend was SWKA on the Saturday, dare I say good, dry weather, for Wales. That’s me shot at dawn! However it was freezing and everyone shivered for most of the day. Parking is good, just behind the hall for the ring and the parking attendants were very considerate to all the drivers. The ring was of a spacious size and positioned at the end of one of the partitions against a wall, so it was favourable as there were no distractions from the other rings for the dogs. Slightly noisy at times and Travis did ask me a couple of times “What did you say, can’t hear you Mother”. But apart from that all was very acceptable, with good benching or grooming area adjacent to the ring.

For me, Builth conjures up one thing in my mind…Toasties here we come. Anyone who hasn’t had one, it has to be a must try for the next time you are at Builth. I even brought my healthy salad back home, now that is not good, but they were delicious. It is alright to take the rocky road now and then, please tell me yes! For SWKA our judge was to be the well respected breed specialist Mrs Jean Banfield (Kingshaven). Unfortunately, Mrs Banfield had an accident as she was walking to the ring. A large dog on a lead went straight in front of her and she fell heavily on the floor, causing her hand and wrist pain with an extremely bruised knee. I am sure she must have been shaken as the Builth floor is not one you bounce on easily. Mrs Banfield was dressed in a pale blue skirt and jacket with a complimentary, pretty butterfly blouse. Judging soon got under way and as you would expect of someone of this status, the day went smoothly along with the help of her able stewards. On the table she went over each dog methodically but with a gentle but direct manner which the dog always prefers. For the floor each exhibitor was given plenty of time to make sure their charge responded with best paws forward. The principal winners were as follows: DCC / BOB Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, today I was showing Travis as Glenn was on holiday. So it was thrilling for then to go into the TGP and be awarded TGP1 under another respected Toy Specialist, better known for his Japanese Chin’s (Sleepyhollow), Mr Tony Allcock MBE. BCC was awarded to a delighted Kay Stewart and Kirsten Stewart-Knight’s with IR Ch Tussalud Storytales (taf). RDCC Sue Morrell and Thesbina Teague’s Temelora Bobby Dazzler JW and RBCC Sue Victors’s Lafford Kandy Floss with Caroline Lee-Slater handling. BP Robb’s Gleniren Stardustmaker.

So the following day we arrived at Builth once more for the South Wales Papillon Champ Show. Many exhibitors had stayed over after SWKA to save the long twisty journey. We won’t speak about my accommodation, it was an experience not to be repeated, that is for sure, enough said. Same hall but the other end this time. The committee had been up bright and early, preparing the allocated space making it ship shape for a breed show. There was plenty of space for setting your trolleys up and then settling down for a good social day ahead. Another well known breed specialist Mrs Liz Bartram of the Burghbridge affix was judging at this show. Arriving looking very smart, dressed in blue trousers and top with a light grey jacket. The stewards were brilliant, full of smiles and kept the show moving along at a steady pace all day. This corner of the hall was much quieter than the day previous; the ring was of a good size. Unfortunately the ground had, as the theatre folk would term, as a rake, meaning it sloped off at a downhill angle. However once you had sussed this out, you accommodated the four paws in the best possible area you could. Good job we had an experienced judge, as I am sure she realised this very quickly. The judge had a very sympathetic feel towards both the dog and handler, putting everyone at their ease immediately and making it very clear what was required in a most pleasant manner. During the dinner break it was the puppy walk with the little newby’s, strutting their stuff, always a joy to see. Followed afterwards by the Junior Handling. This year the judge putting the juniors through their paces was Alexandra Forth (Omagaville). She found her Best Junior Handler to be Cerys Lewis.

So, back to the main judging and by the end of the day the winners for the show were. DCC/BIS Irene & Glenn Robb’s Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. What an honour to be bestowed at a breed show, unfortunately it was rushed at the end as I had to get over to the main ring area at SWKA for BIS. Deepest apologies to Mrs Bartram as I would have loved to have stayed for pictures etc but circumstances did not allow, so sorry. A lovely day for Kay Stewart and Kirsten Stewart-Knight as their little girl Ir Ch Tussalud Storytales (taf) took her magical third cc and was RBIS, many congratulations. RDCC was Goude’s Manawyddan Finlay McRory, RBCC Anne Borg’s Petress Dark and Daring. Congratulations to her breeders Teresa and Peter Cullen. BP Tom Isherwood and Mrs Da Silva’s Afterglow Mouseketeer, BV Jenny Scovell’s Ch Frasermar Icicle at Caswell and BPH Sue Morrell & Thesbina Teague’s Ch Temelora Forest Nymph JW. Congratulations to all the principal and class winners. But the main congratulations must go to the SW Pap Club committee for putting on such a good show, very well done. Also a special thanks to our judge Mrs Liz Bartram for the beautiful winners gifts and trophy for BIS. I am sure I speak for all the winners that received the beautifully wrapped gifts.

For the recent open shows, Papillons have had some lovely results. Susan Lanson had a brilliant day at Clitheroe & District Open Show with her youngster Cantoverde Lady In Red taking TPG4. The judge was Mr Philip Lovel (Lovetrac).

At Gravesend & Medway CS Open Show Jo Davidson-Poston and Karen Farrell brings news that Spinillons Colt Classic took TPGP3 and their Phalene import BISS Multi Ch (8) Magnolise Tiago For Spinillons SH CM CW14 (imp Phalene USA) took BIS. The judge for the breed was Mr Michael Pullen and for BIS Mr Chris Bexon.

Lynn George-Evans at Llandudno DC open show had a brilliant show with Moetica Prince Charming At Jorgealin taking TGP1. Mr Keith Baldwin judged both the breed and TGP.

Merseyside Toydog our Gleniren Stardustmaker took TPGP3, for the breed Vanessa Williams and TPGP Mr Stuart Payne.
Congratulations to all the successful exhibitors at all the shows in this report and please remember everyone to let me know your results for your future show successes.