30 September 2016 – Dog World

Darlington Championship show held at Ripon Racecourse was glorious wall to wall sunshine all day. There are not many shows we are able to say this, yes, we used the sun umbrella. On the way to Ripon it was a misty fog for most of the way, then, suddenly as if walking through a barrier we came upon blue skies with five planes heading to their port of calls and the largest, brightest golden sun. Glenn hurriedly snapped a picture and it was posted to FB, an amazing sight.

All credit to the Darlington committee as the layout was strategically thought-out and the BIS marquee was so well presented. The trade stands appeared to be doing a brisk trade as were the ice creams vans.

In / out rings, so everyone had the best of both worlds, to sun or not to sun. Unfortunately the Papillon ring was an up hill, down dale parody but that is always the luck of the draw with rings in an open grassed area. The outside ring area was spacious and with having an inside covered area this came in handy to take cover from the sun whilst waiting your turn.

Very well respected all rounder Mrs Liz Cartledge was to judge Papillons and arrived promptly on time, looking smartly attired and ready for her day ahead. First breed in the ring for her to judge was the ETT’s, it was nice to watch another breed being judged and the exhibitors are so friendly towards each other, which was lovely to see.

With this in mind the Paps commenced their judging around 11.30 am with Mrs Cartledge going over the dogs perfectly on the table, allowing all exhibitors a chance to show their charges off in the best possible way. Her two stewards kept everything moving along smoothly and the day ran like clockwork.

The principal winners for the day were as follows; DCC/BOB/TGP2 Irene & Glenn Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo. With the judging not starting to nearer midday Mrs Cartledge did a brilliant job ensuring we finished on time and yet did not rush any classes. The announcement for the TGP went out as the Bitch Challenge was being completed and the second announcement as the BOB Challenge was just going in. So, Glenn hot-footed sharpish to the BIS marquee, whilst I performed the ’bag lady’ and trolley manoeuvre. The BIS grass ring area was short grass and flat as flat could be, super. Miss M Mallows was the TGP judge and she had a strong TGP to consider. Mrs Cartledge had a very successful day in the TGP as her ETT took TGP1 and Travis TGP2. Not a bad day at the office!

BCC was Sue Victor’s Ch Lafford Kandy Floss JW (Caroline Lee- Slater handling), congratulations to her breeder Carol Lees. RDCC Carol Lees’s Lynflyer Winter Story At Lafford, congratulations to her breeder Lynda Woodrow, RBCC Teresa and Peter Cullen’s homebred Petress Black Magic JW.

How nice it was to see Peter at the show and lastly BP Pat Urwin with Paparottsie Lady Jane who also took BV with Begaville Geordiegirl For Paparottsie. How nice it was to see both Christine Foynes and Elizabeth Cochrane at the show, enjoying the day.

At Exeter and County Canine Society Open Show Susie and Margaret Orchard had a super day with their youngster Up And Down’s What A Suprise for Panspayon Imp) who went TPGP4 under Sue Sanderson (Sandchize).

The Kennel Club has extended by a year the suspension of AV stakes classes and unbeaten dog regulations. A two-year suspension was brought in on January 2015 and it will now run until January 2018. It applies to regulations which stipulate that dogs must be entered and exhibited in a breed class before exhibiting in any variety and stakes classes, and that only unbeaten dogs are eligible to compete in a group or best in show competition.

In simple terminology you can enter your dog/puppy in a stakes class and if you are awarded BOB/ BP but are not awarded the stakes class you are still able to compete in the TGP or TPGP.

It is with great sadness that the news has come through that Ian Blore who was Secretary / Treasurer of Merseyside Toydog has passed away. What a lovely gentleman he was, always ready to help anyone and will be very much missed from the dog world. Condolences to Val, Katrina, close family and friends.

Hope everyone has fun with their butterflies; be careful on the roads and happy showing. Please let me know your news.