Bath Championship Show 2006

26 May 2006
Judge: Mrs E Anderson (Northlyte)

BOB Ch Caswell Classic Tri
BP Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer

DCC Ch Caswell Classic Tri
RDCC Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer
BCC Pyatshaw Silver Tassle
RBCC Tawzan Madame Cezan

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Borg’s Elendil Treasure Seeker
2nd Stanbury’s Inixia Rough Diamond

Puppy Dog
1st Turner’s Bodebi Rhythm Is A Dancer
2nd Orchard & Stanbury’s Panspayon C’est La Vie Inixia
3rd Comrie’s Spell Binder

Junior Dog
1st Taylor’s Pamhurst Whisper At Adnamashan
2nd Drew’s Roshelle Roulette
3rd Whitehall’s Frasermar Jack Frost

Novice Dog
1st Borg’s Elendil Tobermory

Post Graduate Dog
1st Morrell & Teague’s Temelora Just Magic
2nd Stanbury’s Inixia Crown Jewel
3rd Stanbury & Unwin’s Inixia Rags To Riches

Limit Dog
1st Lees’ Bodebi Ray Of Success At Lafford
2nd Stanbury’s Inixia Wily Willum, JW
3rd Stanbury & Unwin’s Inixia Gigolo

Open Dog
1st Scovell’s Ch Caswell Classic Tri
2nd Davidson-Poston & De’s Bankshill Isle Of Lewis, SHCM
3rd Morrell & Teague’s Temelora Wallace

Veteran Dog
1st Macgregor’s Pyatshaw White Heat
2nd Back’s Kazkell Tai Chi

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Fraser & Graham’s Abbeyton To Sweet To Kiss
2nd Morrell & Teague’s Hollrexia Mythical Lady For Temelora
3rd Stanbury’s Inixia Solitaire

Puppy Bitch
1st Wenham & Malbon’s Danginifee Gypsy Gold
2nd Morrell & Teague’s Burghbridge Enchante For Temelora
3rd Maskell’s Kazkell Starlight Dream

Junior Bitch
1st Smith’s Merritayl China Doll
2nd Melvin’s Jujohn Rose Marie Of Shalandar
3rd Pougher’s Chriskadu Midnight, TAF

Novice Bitch
1st Smith’s Merritayl China Doll
2nd Robb’s Gleniren Juniper Starmaker
3rd Munn’s Ringlands Rhytm & Dance

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Savage’s Abbeyton Summer Sun
2nd Stewart & Stewart-Kn’s Tussalud Mine She’s Mine
3rd Fitch’s Graycaz All That Glitters Of Gladwill

Limit Bitch
1st Stevens’ Tawzan Madame Cezan
2nd Victor & Mclaghlin’s Farleysbane Fly High
3rd Thompson & Austin’s Jaroma Highland Whisper At Jhanakia

Open Bitch
1st Macgregor’s Pyatshaw Silver Tassle
2nd Robb’s Ch Gleniren Starlight Kisses
3rd Thompson & Austin’s Jhanakia Highland Breeze